• Dyeh76

    How about a Gantz or Ninja Scroll theme =)
    So far i’ve been amazed by the high quality themes you people have made available for all of us.
    Keep up the good work and I really like the fact that requests are being accepted as well :)

    • http://www.technorms.com Viki

      Thanks. We always keep our readers suggestions in mind as they help us make better themes. Also, thank you for praising the quality of the themes, we invest good time into making sure you guys get the best themes here at TechNorms. To be honest we started making themes, because we weren’t really happy with the themes available on some other sites, and now since we make them ourselves, we can make them as good as we like. It’s good to know you share our enthusiasm. Keep visiting, Cheers!

  • http://animebestseller.com Naruto Anime

    These drawings are so wonderfull, the hand is sharp

    • http://www.technorms.com Viki

      Indeed! We tried to get the best possible images as a part of this theme.

      Luckily most of the artists we approached, agreed to let us use their work in this theme. Its possible thanks to all of them!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1654317205 Yentl Moon

    Could you please also make it possible to download the wallpapers only? I still have Windows XP xD *living under a rock or something, lol*

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