Create your own news stream with Good Noowse in Chrome. Add blogs, news feed and more & we show you how to get started.

Good Noows Lets You Create Your Own Personal News Stream in Chrome


Keeping up-to-date on all of the information we find interesting is really hard to do. Having a place where all of your favorite feeds are is really a great way to save time. Good Noows is a web-app with a Google Chrome shortcut right on your New Tab Page.

In a nutshell, you select different popular RSS feeds (or add your own) and they are displayed in categorized page. The page can have different looks like a Twitter feed, a pin board look like Pinterest or others making your news hub look the way you want. Let’s talk a little about how Good Noows works.

Getting started

Adding the shortcut to your New Tab Page is a couple of step process. First, click on over to the Chrome Web Store and look for the Good Noows app. Click Add to Chrome and confirm you’d like to install the app.


After the install, you’ll have a new app icon on your New Tab Page. Click it to be taken to the Good Noows home page. Here you will need to create an account. If you create an account with an email address, you will need to confirm your account before you can login.


If you prefer, you can also use one of your social accounts to create an account and login.


Setting Up Good Noows

Once you are logged in, you will see this window. The 3 columns will let you customize the information and look of your Good Noows homepage.


The first column is the topics. They are broken down into pretty common categories. Clicking on the topic will show a list of different popular sites. Since these are general topics, you can always add your own more personalized categories. To add your own, click on the Create Topic button at the top of the column.


The middle column will let you select the sites you’d like to fill your feed. To select a site, click on it and the site will be highlighted in blue. Go through the different topics and make sure all of the sites you want to see are highlighted and the default sites are deselected. If there is a site not listed, you can always add the RSS feed to the list by clicking Add source and entering the address. Sometimes the feed is a Twitter account, in this case, you can enter the Twitter username.


The third column is the styling of your page. This is where you can make the news look more like a Twitter stream or a pin board. While it is more of a generic look than the say Pinterest is, the layout is similar making it easier to scan for headlines of interest.


After you have chosen the sites and the layout and close the window, you will be asked if you want to change the font or a couple of other basic settings. You will also be given a chance to look at and fill in your user profile if you’d like.


Using Good Noows

Now that all of the setup is done, it’s time to get down to some reading. Your main page will show all of the current headlines in the topic you have selected.


In the left sidebar you will see the topics. When you click on them all of the sites you’ve chosen in that topic will be displayed. If you want to see all of the headlines for a specific site, you can click on the site, otherwise they will all be shown.


When reading an interesting news article, you can share the item or choose to read it later. Selecting the Read it later option will let you choose your preferred service.


Final thoughts

While not everyone knowingly uses an RSS reader, many people like to have a homepage where all of their news is displayed in an easy to read fashion. Using a Google Chrome app like Good Noows is an easy way to have the best of both worlds.

Download Good Noows.

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