For those of us juggling multiple Google services accounts, the multi sign-in ability Google offers is an amazing way to quickly jump from one account to the next without actually signing in and out each time. This eliminates the hassle of logging out, waiting for the page to refresh and then logging back in each time we need to jump from one account to the other.

Google+ can benefit from the use of multi sign-in as well and this brief guide will show you how to get started with it and how to use it effectively with your multiple Google+ profiles.


How to use multi sign-in with Google+

Before you begin to use multi sign-in with any Google services, including Google+, you must make sure the feature is turned on within your primary account.

Login to your primary Google services account.

Then head to your account settings.

Account settings

Look at the sub-header Security. Locate the multiple sign-in options and make sure this is turned on. If it is not, click on “Edit.”


Then, click the circle next to “On.”


Finally, click “Save.”


This has now turned on multi sign-in for your primary account and you will be able to move forward with multi sign-in.

Now, head back to your Google+ profile and click the “Gear icon” in the top right-hand side of your browser.

Switch account

Click “Switch account” to get started.

(5) signin to another account

You will see a checkmark next to the account you are currently logged into you.

Click on “Sign in to another account…” to add an account to multi sign-in.

Sign in to another account

You will be redirected to a new page that will show you what accounts you are currently logged into you. You should see your primary account listed.

Sign in

You will then enter the login details to your other Google+ account to the right.

Click “Sign in” to continue.

You will now be logged into your second Google+ account.

Switch account again

If you want to log back over to your primary account, click the “Gear icon” and choose the “Switch account.”

You will now see both accounts listed under Switch account.

Multiple Google+ accounts listed

Click your primary account to log back over to its Google+ profile.

If you wish to add other Google+ accounts at any time, you simply follow the same procedure for adding it.

Using multi sign-in for Google+, or any other Google service is easy to set up, quick to use and can make it quicker to get from one account to the next when necessary.


Why manage multiple Google+ accounts?

Some of you may ask yourself: Why would I want to manage multiple Google+ profiles? For others juggling six or seven, you are asking yourself: Why not? On the Internet, using multiple profiles, e-mails and services is a great way to keep your identity safe, keep business and pleasure separate and even be more comfortable online.

Having multiple Google+ profiles can be a way to manage yourself, a business or another identity you have online. No matter what the reason, utilizing multi sign-in to manage multiple Google+ profiles is a quick way to switch from one to the other without all the hassle of logging in and out each time.