YouTube Movies - © TechNorms Recently we wrote about getting new movie recommendations in your Firefox and Chrome Browser and now we would like to let you know about a new section in YouTube called YouTube Movies, which features a number of famous movies from almost all genres like Action & Adventure, Animation, Bollywood, Comedy, Crime, Drama and many more.

Watching Movies on YouTube is a pain. Whoever uploads movies to YouTube has to clip the movies in 10 minute sections, since that is the max video limit and you have to click for one part after other. If you are like me, you would prefer to watch the movie in one sitting without having to click over and over to watch the next part.

With YouTube Movies this is no longer an issue since all movies featured there are full length movies. Just start the movie and watch it in peace without having to go on a clicking spree. Isn’t this great!?

YouTube Movies – What To Expect:

Ok, before you get too exited, you should know that most of these are older movies, but doesn’t necessarily mean you wont like them. The movies featured are some of the best of their times. So, if you like watching classics from time to time, you would love the YouTube Movies Section.

The movies are available in various genres ranging from Action and Adventure to Sports movies.

YouTube Full Lenght Movies - © TechNorms

Another thing I observed was that a number of Bollywood movies are featured here and some of them are fairly recent. So I guess it great news for all the Bollywood fans in India and in other parts of the world.

YouTube Movies – Features:

Since this comes straight from YouTube and its an official addition, we can expect some nice features and crisp Audio and Video quality.

You can browse by the genres and all listed movies provide details about a particular movie – like the length of the movies and a synopsis. The Ratings of the movie are also shown.

Actio and Adventure Movies - © TechNorms

If you like old Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee movies, you are in for a treat as YouTube Movies already has a nice collection for both. Another cool thing is new movies are added everyday, so you would never run out of movies to watch.

Considering its hosted on YouTube, the movies load fast and you can comment, share and rate them as well. Laos, you can embed these full size movies on any webpage. The Movies are available in Normal as well as HD quality, so you can choose the quality that works well with your Internet connection.

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We are not a Movie site, but I am a huge fan of Jackie Chan, so for others who also like him, I have embedded one of Jackie Chan’s Classics – Wheels on Meals right here for you viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Wheels on Meals – Starring Jackie Chan –

YouTube Movies is a cool feature added to YouTube which is going to keep growing with time. So we have an online Library of Classic movies which would never go down. Good news for all movie lovers!

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