If you are using Google+, utilizing it on an Android phone is the way to get the absolute most out of the social network on the go. When Google+ was first announced and Google being the developers of the Android platform, it made sense that the mobile version came with the release.

The Google+ mobile app for Android offers the Instant Upload feature which the iOS version didn’t have until recently. This feature allows you to instantly upload pictures to your Google+ profile without worrying about doing it the old-fashioned way. Our guide will walk you through how to download and get started with the Google+ app for Android phones.

How to download Google+ on your Android phone

Let’s start with getting the Google+ app downloaded and installed on your Android device

Open up the Android Market on your phone.

Android Market, searching for Google+

From there, you want to search for “Google+.” It should be the first result under Apps. Click on it.

You can read the description of the app, along with user reviews and ratings. When you are ready to download the app, click “Download.”

Description of app, accept terms to download

Then, you want to read over what the Google+ app can access and utilize on your phone. If you agree to what it can do, click “Accept & download.”

The app will begin downloading on your phone, this will take just a few moments.

Downloading and installing

After it is finished downloading, it will begin installing automatically. This also takes just a few moments.

Once the app is finished installing, you can opt to automatically update it. This gives your phone permission to download and install any updates to the app without waiting for you to do it manually.

(5) open & choose acct

Now, click “Open.”

This will open the Google+ app for the first time. If you already have a Google services account active on your Android phone, you will be able to choose it and get started with Google+ that way. If not, you can create a new account by clicking the link at the bottom of the Google+ app screen.

Once you have chosen the account you wish to activate, you will begin to sign in to Google+. This will take just a minute or so as Google transmits your Google+ data to your phone.

Signing in, Instant Upload options

When you are logged in, you will be asked to turn on or off the Instant Upload feature.

Remember, the Instant Upload feature allows you to automatically upload photos to your Google+ Stream without having to do it yourself. This gives you the opportunity to share moments as you capture them which can be a captivating process of the social networking experience.

Once you make your selection, click “Continue” to start using Google+ on your Android phone.

How to use the Google+ App

You will be redirected to the Google+ home screen on your Android phone. From here, you can access every area of Google+ on the go.

Home screen, new post

Click the “Notepad and pencil” icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen. This will allow you to update your status, choose which Circles see it as well as check into a location. You can even add photos and video to the status to share. When you are ready to post, simply click the “Arrow icon” at the top right of the screen.

Now, head back to the home screen. From there, click the familiar “Notifications icon.”

Notifications, Stream

This will open up your Google+ Notifications which you can go through. When you have a notification, the icon will be red with the number of notifications you have yet to go through. Once you click on the Notifications icon, this number will be reset to zero.

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From the home screen once again, click on “Stream.”

This opens your Stream. You can go through posts, comment, +1 and keep up to date with what those in your Circles are up to during the day.

From the home screen once more, click on the “Magnifying glass icon.”

Search, Messenger

This will allow you to search through posts on Google+ to find something. Simply enter in a search term or name to get started.

Once again, from the home screen, click “Messenger.”

One of the unique features of Google+ is the way its Messenger system works. You can create a Hangout of Circles from Google+ and talk to multiple friends at once. This works great to make plans and stay in the loop with everyone at once instead of sending out multiple messages and juggling responses.

To get started with Messenger, click the “Instant message bubble icon” at the top right of the screen.

New Messenger conversation, Photos

You can then type in names, e-mails or Circles you want to involve and then type your message to get the conversation started.

Head back to the home screen once again and click “Photos.” You can go through your photos, photos from your Circles and ones on your phone from here.

From the home screen once more, click “Circles.”

Circles, About

This will open up your Circles for you to see who is involved in each one or even create a new Circle.

At the home screen, you can click “Profile” to view your Google+ profile and change your photo if you have taken a new one on your phone.

Head back to the home screen one last time and click your “Settings” button on your Android device.

A small menu will appear allowing you to tinker with the settings, send feedback from your phone or sign out. You can even go through Google’s privacy policy or terms of service from here, too.

Click “Settings.”


This will open up the settings for Google+ on your Android phone. You can go through each option to find the most reliable settings for using it on your device.

These are the basics to the Google+ app for Android. This guide gives you the starting points to start using the app and getting the most from Google+ when you are away from your computer.

Is Google+ for Android better than its iOS counterpart?

Google+ for Android is indeed better than its iOS counterpart. Besides the use of Instant Upload, it offers a cleaner and more direct use than when on an iPhone. Since Google developed the Android platform, it makes sense that apps it designs specifically for its own mobile phone would work better, have fewer bugs and offers features the iOS version does not.

If you are using Google+ and have an Android phone, using the Google+ app for it is a must. By utilizing Google+ for Android, you are getting the most out of your Google+ and social networking experience.

Download Google+ for Android.

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