In the last few years video sites and file-sharing have become extremely popular. A lot people download movies and TV Shows on their computers via file sharing networks. When a show or a movie becomes popular people from various countries want to watch it, however, it’s not always convenient to understand the movie, if it’s not in your language. That’s why subtitles for popular movies and TV Shows are in great demand.

Finding quality subtitles in your language isn’t always easy. That is where Sublight comes in. Sublight is free Windows application with nice user interface which allows you to download subtitles for your movies easily and quickly. It can be used by inexperienced and experienced users. Application is currently translated to fourteen languages (Arabic, Catalan, Dutch, English, French, German, Macedonian, Norwegian, Portuguese [Brazil], Portuguese [Portugal], Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish and Sweden) and supports 46 subtitle languages.

Sublight Installation:

Once you download (link below) Sublight and start the installation – You would first be shown a language selection screen, where you can select the language of the software.

Sublight-Setup - Select-Language - © TechNorms

Once you select the language, in the next step you can select the default Media Player with which Sublight will work. By choosing a media player, you help the Sublight to configure according to the needs of your media player. It also understands which Media Player to start when you give a command from the program interface.

Default-Media-Player-Sublight - © TechNorms

Next step lets you select the various sources of subtitles. If you just want English subtitles, select the ones shown below. If you want them in other languages, select all options for more choices.

Subtitle - Providers - © TechNorms

Sublight User Interface and Usage:

Sublight has a good-looking interface with a large number of options. If you are a new user, it offers to show you the help file after installation. The images below describe the various features of the software.

The new interface (in the image below) looks more polished and has added new functionality in form of the Windows Ribbon just like Microsoft Office 2010. You can also Rate and Report the quality of the subtitles, so that they can be improved. It also has added IMDB reviews and Movie Information right within the software.

Subtitle Manual Search - © TechNorms

It lets you do manual and automatic searches for subtitles you are looking for. If you select a video file which has the name of the movie or TV show and other details like the year or season, automatic search is the better option to use.

Search and Play with Subtitles  - © TechNorms

If you have the video file selected, Sublight would do an auto search for the subtitles and will open your media player with the correct video subtitles. This would save a lot of effort for us, since almost everything is done automatically.

Subtitle Ratings and Details:

If you want to know the quality and ratings of the subtitle you can right-click on any one in the list and click on properties.

Subtitle Details - © TechNorms

Here you can view the details of the subtitles, preview them or add comments for other users.

Integration with Windows Explorer:

Sublight can integrate with your Windows Explorer – if you need subtitles for your videos quite often. After integration you need not start the program and search for subtitles manually. Just right-click on your video file and Sublight would find the correct subtitle and play it in your preferred media player.

Windows Explorer Integration - © TechNorms

This feature makes finding and using subtitles with Sublight a breeze. You can enable Explorer integration from the setting section of Sublight.

Sublight Features Overview:

  • Access to over million subtitles
  • Auto-detects over 100,000 Movies and TV Series
  • Office 2010 look and feel with Ribbon user interface
  • Sublight is currently available in 14 languages
  • Supports 46 subtitle languages
  • Users can preview subtitle before download
  • Includes “My Movies” library – for keeping a record of subtitles
  • Possible to integrate subtitle search in Windows Explorer
  • Users can vote/report subtitles


Among all the programs for subtitles I’ve tested so far, Sublight is the best looking, feature rich and most complete software. It makes finding and using subtitles with your movies really easy. That what software are for, to make life easy – and Sublight does it in style.

Download Sublight From the developers website.

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