When your Windows OS deletes any files, they are not permanently deleted from your system. That is why its easy to recover data from crashes when you are using Windows.

This being said, at times you would like some data, to be erased completely if it consists of sensitive personal information. This way no one can use recovery software to peek at the information after deletion.

Windows does not have an inbuilt function that would let us permanently erase file. We need specialized software to do the job for us. Secure Erase is a small program which specializes in permanently erasing files from our hard disks.

If you are giving away your computer or hard drive or just want peace of mind, Secure Eraser can safely erase your emails, Internet history and cache, contact or financial data, trade secrets or just private files you want to get rid of.

Secure Erase Installation and Usage:

Secure Eraser is easy to download (link below) and install. It’s a small utility of about 2.5 MB and since the Program Developer is a verified Microsoft Vendor, Windows lets the installation go through without any warning prompts. This software is free for private users, and if you want to use it an office, you would need to buy a paid version.

Securely Delete Files Permanently:

Securely Delete Files - © TechNorms

The program has a very simple interface and minimum number of options – which makes it very easy to use. The very first tab which shows the options to delete files lets you select a file or folder which needs to permanently erased.

The Deletion method lets you set the level of security you need. With the Highest Level selected – The selected files would be overwritten 25 times, which would make them impossible to recover.

Other levels provide different deletion methods which range from Low (random data overwrite)  to High (Industrial Standard Overwrite)

Free Space Deletion:

Free Space Wiping - © TechNorms

The free space on your hard drives isn’t always really free. It has previous data on it, which was deleted. When you copy new data its just over written on the previous data.

If you want the free space on your drive to be really free of any data of any kind – you can use the “Free Space Deletion” option. It doesn’t delete any data on any drive, just erases the free space of the previous traces of data.

System Cleaning With Secure Eraser:

This one is relatively easy to understand and use.

System Cleanup Ooptions - © TechNorms

System Cleaner option deletes the unnecessary and useless temporary files from our computer, generating more free space for work.

Secure Eraser – Registry Cleaner:

Clean Up Registry - © TechNorms

It also provides the options to clean up unnecessary files form our Windows Registry. It works well, but registry editor is a sensitive and important part of the system, so use this option wisely.

The program does well in cleaning registry – however, one feature missing is backing up of registry before cleaning up.

If it did registry backups too – it would have been perfect. So use this feature if you know what your doing.


We all need to erase data securely at time and Secure Eraser does an exceptionally good job at it. Its 2nd and 3rd feature – “Erasing Free Space” and “System Cleaning” should be used from time to time to keep the free space on our disks really free of previous data and junk files.

If you think it meets your requirements –Download it form Developers website.

Download Option 1) Download Secure Eraser Option 2) Alternate Download Link

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