Comodo Cloud ScannerComodo Cloud Scanner helps locate malware, spyware and other threats to your PC. It utilizes the Comodo Internet security engine and helps locate live threats as well as those lying dormant waiting to strike. While other anti-malware programs may find threats, they may also fail to find ones hiding in plain sight.

Comodo Cloud Scanner uses Comodo’s online database for up to the minute support and offers you the latest protection from threats you may not even know exist. Our guide will show you the ups and downs of using Comodo Cloud Scanner and you may just be surprised by our recommendation.

Comodo Cloud Scanner offers the following features for users:

  • Searches for malware and spyware, especially those in everyday files
  • Looks for privacy, registry and other issues causing problems
  • Scourers the registry for invalid entries
  • Points out all junk files you do not need on your computer
  • Pinpoints hidden processes and hijacks

Comodo Cloud Scanner focuses on threats you do not see with your everyday scanners and anti-virus programs. By using the cloud to connect to the latest threat databases, this gives you the most comprehensive and up to date definitions library possible. This protects you in ways other programs just cannot.

How to use Comodo Cloud Scanner

You can download Comodo Cloud Scanner from Comodo’s website. Once downloaded, go through the typical installation steps and then open Comodo Cloud Scanner.

Comodo Cloud Scanner

Immediately, because you have yet to scan your system with Comodo Cloud Scanner, it will alert you that your system may just be infected.


Before scanning, you want to click “Update” in the upper right-hand corner of the program. You always want to ensure you are using the latest version of Comodo Cloud Scanner to stay in the loop and protected.

Click “About” in the same area.


This will give you the version of Comodo Cloud Scanner you are using, this can be helpful if you run into problems using it.

Scan my computer

Now, on the main screen, click “Scan my computer.”


Comodo Cloud Scanner will begin scanning your system, not just for malware but for privacy issues, registry errors and junk files taking up space and causing issues on your computer.

Scan complete

This process can take a few minutes to over an hour depending on the size of your hard drive as well as the level of infection if there. When finished, it will let you know the number of problems found and break them down into categories. You can either re-scan your system or choose to begin combating the problems.

Privacy Issues

Comodo Cloud Scanner will break down where the problems lie, what programs they might be associated with as well as the category.


You can use the drop down menu to float between the categories.

Registry Errors

Now, click “Help me clean my PC!”

Help me clean my PC!

While the scan itself is free, Comodo Cloud Scanner requires you to subscribe to its service to clean up your computer and stay protected.

Subscriber Agreement

Make sure to thoroughly read the Subscriber Agreement to Comodo livePCsupport and then click “I Agree” if you wish to continue.


Comodo Cloud Scanner will then begin the installation process for Comodo livePCsupport.

When finished, a pop-up will appear and you can register, sign in or simply try now. You can also call for support if you prefer.

Comodo livePCsupport

Click “Try Now !”

Connecting to operator

Another pop-up will appear letting you know they are connecting to a server as well as getting an operator for you.

Talking to agent

Once the support agent appears in the chat, you can interact and explain what is going on with your system and your Comodo Cloud Scanner results.

However, even though Comodo offers a “try it before you subscribe” option, the truth is they will not really help you without subscribing for the paid service first as evidenced from my chat with a support agent.

Still talking to agent

Even Comodo’s website, when you download Comodo Cloud Scanner, says it is 100% Free to download but does not go into the price or subscription details until after you make it that far.

While Comodo Cloud Scanner might be a beneficial program for some users, the deceptive practice and bundling of services might turn off a majority of users who were under the impression they wanted to try the software first and could do just that.

It may take subscribing and actually pay the fees to see just how effective Comodo Cloud Scanner will be for your computer.

Is Comodo Cloud Scanner worth the investment and subscription?

For me personally, I was affronted to find that by clicking a “try it now” button, I was not given a chance to actually test out how Comodo Cloud Scanner worked. For others, they may go on the Comodo name itself and just buy in for the subscription.

No matter what you opt to do, Comodo Cloud Scanner may be an effective program for you and the idea of a live cloud support system may appeal to those who do not have the technical knowledge to deal with threats on their own.

Download Comodo Cloud Scanner.

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