sendto-manager-introWhen you use your computer to a lot, you will want to make completing your tasks as easy as possible. Many times this is done when you add shortcuts for programs or application launcher programs or docks. Another great way to add a shortcut is to your contextual (right-click) menu.

SendTo Manager is a great way to add to the Send To option in your Windows Right-click menu. By having frequently used applications in your Send To menu, you can save yourself some time from having to open the application, then add the file, then complete the action.


What SendTo Manager can do for you

There are programs you may use all the time like Skype. If you frequently use Skype to exchange files while you are chatting, you can add Skype to the list of shortcuts. Now you can right click on the file on your Desktop, choose the Skype contact you want to send it to. You may find that using SendTo Manager isn’t a big time saver in this case.

However, another option is when you use an application like File Camouflage to hide files. Having both Encrypt and De-crypt option in the right-click Send To menu WILL shave a few clicks off the process.


How to add shortcuts to the Send To menu

The process is not too difficult. When you download SendTo Manager exe file, you will run through the setup wizard.


Running SendTo Manager will show a box with all of the (.LNK) files it can locate. If you want to add more, you will add them to this box. We’ll show you how to add an application in a minute.


Adding a shortcut to the right-click menu

When you want to add a new application shortcut, you can open SendTo Manager and right-click on an open line. You should see an option to Add New Shortcut.


When you choose this option, a window pops up and gives you the option to add the application path. You are going to usually look in the Program Files and find the exe file for the application you want to add. Here is what the file path looked like when I added 7Zip:C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7zFM.exe

sendto-manager-application path

After you successfully add the shortcut, you can right-click on the file you want to send and choose 7Zip or whatever application you have added.


While some applications like Evernote or your email program may automatically put a shortcut in your Send To menu, having the option to add the application you choose can really make you more efficient. In the high-speed world of the internet, being more productive will let you make more money.

Download SendTo Manager

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