feed-my-inbox-logoRSS feeds are all over the place these days, but that doesn’t mean everyone is using some sort of RSS reader. Many people rely more on their email program to communicate as well as receive updates for everything.

Feed My Inbox will let you take an RSS feed from your favorite site and send the RSS feed right to your inbox. Alternatively, Feed My Inbox will also create a feed for those sites who do not have an RSS feed of any kind like Twitter.

How to Feed your inbox

Feed My Inbox is free up to 5 feeds. Beyond that, there are paid plans that offer more feeds and more features. The process to get a feed sent to your inbox is actually pretty easy. You will need to go to  feedmyinbox.com. When you are there, you should see a box like this to add the site URL you want to be delivered to your inbox and your email address.


When fill in the 2 boxes you will receive a confirmation email to make sure the email address really belongs to you.


Your account

You will be signing up for an account during this process. When you have an account, there is still no cost to you unless you choose a paid plan. What you will get though are some cool options. You will be able to easily add and edit your feeds.


There will be an option for site owners too. If you have your own site, you can start an email list. This opt-in list is a great place to market if you have a product or service. You can make up a sign-up box for your site and get the code to paste where you want it to display. This sign-up box works in much the same way as you would have from Aweber or Mailchimp.


Other features

To save you time in adding feeds to your account, you are given the option of using a Bookmarklet. What this little piece of code does is lets you subscribe to the feed for a site without signing into your Feed My Inbox account.


When you find a site you’d like to keep up-to-date on, click the Bookmarklet. You should see a pop-up window like this.


When you add the website address into the text box, you will see another window patting you on the back for a job well done and you just need to confirm the feed in your email inbox.


Final Thoughts

I like how you can make feeds for sites who do not offer any. This makes keep up with the information on that site easier for you. Also, giving website owners to place a box on their site to collect an emailing list is unique compared to similar free email and RSS feed services.

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