When you look at the world around you what do you see? Whether your answer is the city landscape or my own backyard one thing remains the same. Everything you are seeing is actually there. If Google has their way however you may be seeing things that are not there at all. Some of them that you may want to see and some of them that you may not want to see at all.

Google’s Augmented Reality Glasses

The people who brought you the Android phones are looking to bring a new line of mobile devices that are going to change how you get access to the world around you. This time however they are ditching the handset and going for an eye-based approach to the mobile device. This time Google is going on with augmented reality (AR) glasses that will make your sci-fi dreams a reality.

The glasses will be deigned to give owners more information about the world around them and give you a new perspective on the places you see. Imaging coming upon a new restaurant. You want to give it a try, but you’re not sure about the details. Will it be a deal, or over priced? Is the food any good, or does the tomato sauce have way too much oregano in it? Will the service be fast, or could the servers double for slugs? The AR glasses will allow you to see reviews from real customers who have been there before. If they have a website you might even be able to take a sneak peek at the menu and the prices before you walk into the door.

The only bad side is worrying about your security and the dreaded spam. These glasses will come equipped with GPS technology, so by wearing them you would be giving Google and any third-party app developers access to your location at all times, as long as you are wearing the glasses. Then, there is the spam issue. Most of us hate ads when they show up in our in boxes or on our Facebook pages. The idea of ads on your glasses would be a little much for the average consumer. To follow-up with our previous example the idea of getting an ad, or a ‘deal coupon’ for each and every store you pass would get very annoying, very quickly.

Tech Specs and Pricing

Now lets talk specs. We know that the system will have GPS technology, a pair of motor sensors, a camera, and audio-in and audio-out capabilities. At the current moment however there are no details about what kind of resolution the camera will have, if will have MP3 player capabilities or any other features that might be tantalizing.

At the current moment Google is being mum about the whole affair. They have not even released any photos of the actual device. All of the information that we do have is coming from sources close to the company. Experts are estimating that the glasses will cost between $200 and $600, though nothing has been settled as of now.

The image above right is of Oakley THUMP glasses, which the new Google AR glasses are said to resemble. Japan’s NTT DoCoMo has already developed a somewhat less ambitious augmented reality set of glasses called the “AR Walker.”

Final Thoughts

Of course, Google is not the only company coming to the look at augmented reality devices are part of the future of technology. Apple has had a patent out for a similar device, along with several for holographic glasses patents. According to reliable rumors they may have their own prototype in the works. So keep an eye out for more than one pair of augmented reality glasses coming out in the same year.

Until the product is released, it’s very difficult to predict whether it will succeed or fail. Pricing and the quality of the user experience will determine the product’s fate. Would you go for these AR Glasses when they come out or you’re happy with your smartphone in your pocket and don’t wish to wear a device on your face too. Share your thoughts and comments below.