Picasa + Picnik - © TechNorms In March 2010 Google acquired Picnik – which is one of the best online photo editors on the web. Picnik is cloud based photo editor, which lets you modify your pictures without leaving your browser. Picasa is a Google Service that lets you organize your digital photos, then create online albums to share with friends & family.

It was a matter of time that Picnik would be integrated into Picasa, to give users the ability of edit their photos while they were in the Picasa Album.

Google has now integrated the two services, which is great news for Picasa users. Those of you who already use Picnik with Flickr, must know how useful this service really is.

Using Picnik With Picasa Web Albums:

Picnik is rich photo editor with a number of options for making changes to your photos. To access the Picnic interface in Picasa Web Albums, click on the edit link just above the image and click the “Edit in Picnik” option.

Edit Image With Picnik - © TechNorms

The Picnik window loads right within the Picasa Album and you can start editing the photo.

There are two ways you could go about editing the photo with Picnik:

1) Edit the photo by making changes like – Auto Fix, Rotate, Crop, Resize, Sharpen, Colors, Red-Eye Removal. This tab can be used to make changes in the original picture to make it look better, by making the mentioned changes in the photo.

Picnik Editing Option in Picasa - © TechNorms

Application of the Color Effect:

We’d like to show how effective Picnik really is. We selected a simple effect “Colors” and applied to a photo. Colors effect removes the unwanted color cast from your photos.

Before Applying Color Effect with Picnik

After Applying Color Effect With Picnik

The photo on the left is the original picture and on the right is the one after applying the effect. The color effect changes the white balance of the photo, making it look better. You can further use the temperature and saturation effects to fine tune the picture to your liking.

2) Create a new picture from existing one – using effects like Stickers, text, Touch-Up, Frames and certain advanced options. This is the 2nd tab which helps you edit the pictures from the Picasa Web Album.


Adding Stuff to Pictures In Picnik Using Create Tab:

Adding stuff like flags, fake beards and speech bubbles is a breeze with Picnik. As they say “A Picture says a thousand words, you can easily see, how a picture can look before and after the applications of the effects.

Applying Effects To Photos with Picnik

You can add several other effects too and pave your own creative path with advanced tools. When you are done editing your photo, save back to your album by either replacing the existing image or making a new copy.


The Picnik service fits Picasa like a glove. They are made for each other since, it gives the Picasa users an awesome photo editor utility at their fingertips. The thing to look forward to are the new features that Picasa might add to Picnik or vice versa and how long would Google let Yahoo (Flickr) use Picnik, now that Google has acquired the company.

Check out Picnik @ Your Picasa Albums.

Do you like this new features in Picasa? Thoughts?

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