Extended Share for Google+Extended Share for Google+ is a Chrome-based add-on that allows you to share posts from Google+ on other social networks. This can come in handy when someone posts something you want to share on Facebook, Twitter and more but do not want to go to the trouble of manually posting on each site.

Extended Share for Google+ offers a variety of social networks to share with and is an incredibly powerful tool to link posts between accounts over the web. Extended Share for Google+ adds a link to each post that allows you to pick and choose where else to share it whether it is your post or someone else’s in your Stream.

How to use Extended Share for Google+

You want to visit Extended Share for Google+’s Chrome Web Store page.

Extended Share for Google+

From there, you can read over the details and reviews before deciding to install the extension. When ready, click “Add to Chrome.”

Add to Chrome

A pop-up will let you know what permissions you are giving the extension.

Confirm Installation

If you agree, click “Install” to continue.

It will take just a few moments for Chrome to install the extension, when ready Extended Share for Google+ will open its own browser window for you to configure it for use.

Extended Share for Google+ configuration page

At any time from this window, you can visit its extension page at the Chrome Web Store or offer suggestions and alert the developer to bugs.

Extension options

You will see a variety of social networks to choose from to add to Google+ sharing.

Social networks to share on

At the moment, Extended Share for Google+ allows you to share updates to the following social networks:

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Identica, Posterous, Reddit, ping.fm, hyves, Netvibes, Technorati, StumbleUpon, Yahoo! Bookmarks, Google Blogger, Digg, Google Bookmarks, Add This and Live Journal.

Simply click on each one you want to add to the Share button. As soon as you click it, it is automatically added without having to save the page, refresh or do anything else. At any time you can click off one of the social networks to eliminate it from the Share button.

At the bottom of the configuration page, you can opt to be notified of updates to the extension. This can be beneficial so that you do not miss out on additions to the extension, such as new features or social networks.

Notification of updates opt-out

If you had back to Google+ now, you will see a Share on … link under posts now next to the other familiar links.

Share on link

Click on “Share on ….”

Share on...

A small drop down menu will appear with the various social networks you added to the extension.

Click on the “Facebook icon.”

Facebook Login

You will be re-directed to Facebook where you will need to login to the account you want to share the Google+ post with.

Once you enter your login details, click “Log In” to continue.

Share this Link

You will now see the Share this Link page, along with the Google+ post. You can add your own comments, choose which groups to share it with, and then click “Share Link” to add update your Facebook status with it.

Since you can only share with one social network at a time, you will want to navigate back to the original Google+ post if you want to share elsewhere.

This time, we will share with Twitter. So, click the “Twitter icon” to continue.

Twitter log in

Again, you will be asked to login to Twitter.

Simply enter your username or e-mail along with your password an then click “Sign in.”

Share a link with your followers

Once logged in, you will be able to share the link with your followers. Change whatever text you wish, then click “Tweet.”

For every social network you want to share with, you will have to go back, click it, log in and then tweak the update as you see fit. For now, Extended Share for Google+ only allows you to update one other social network at a time. However, by allowing you to quickly share wherever you want, this adds functionality that Google+ has not considered yet for their social network.

Pros of Extended Share for Google+:

  • Allows you to share to a variety of social networks
  • Quickly lets you tweak updates before sharing based on how other networks work

Cons of Extended Share for Google+:

  • No way to share on multiple networks at the same time
  • Have to log into each social network each time


Does Extended Share for Google+ make social networking easier?

Extended Share for Google+ is not groundbreaking in what it offers those who opt to use this extension. It simply takes a concept Google+ should have added to its network upon launch. Since many users social network elsewhere and Google is all about connecting, allowing users an easier way to share elsewhere not only makes what is going on with Google+ more visible, it also gives those making the switch more incentive to make it in the first place. Nobody wants to give up social networking on a whim, and by adding the ability to share elsewhere by using Google+ as your primary network, Google would truly win over some of those still using other networks.

Update: This extension is no longer available.

Get Extended Share for Google+ for Chrome.