Google+TweetWhen we covered the Google+Facebook extension, we showed users just how easy it was to post to Google and Facebook at the same time. Now, the same creators, have developed an extension for a variety of browsers that lets you post to Google and Twitter at the same time. Google+Tweet allows you to share on both social networks at the same time so as not to lose out on your audiences between the two.

The Google+Tweet extension not only lets you post on Twitter, but it also lets you view your timeline to stay in the loop to what is going on there while on Google+.

How to use Google+Tweet

In order to get started with Google+Tweet, just like other extensions for your web browser, you need to install Google+Tweet.

Google+Tweet description

It is available for Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox.

Get Google+Tweet

Click on “Get Google+Tweet.”

Click continue

Your browser will prompt you to follow the instructions for your browser to guide the installation process.

Installing Google+Tweet

Simply follow those instructions and a few seconds later, Google+Tweet will be installed and ready for you to use.

Installing Google+Tweet

Once installed, you will be given the blog and Twitter address for updates on Google+Tweet.

After installation

Now, login to your Google+ account.

Google+ menu toolbar

You will now see a Twitter icon in your Google+ menu toolbar. Click on it.

Welcome to Google+Tweet!

Google+Tweet will ask you to login and authorize the connection between the extension and your Twitter account.

Click “Sign in with Twitter” to do just that.

(10) authorize

You will have to enter your username and password, then click “Authorize app.”

You have been logged in.

Google+Tweet will let you know that it was successful.

Now, click the “Twitter icon” in your Google+ main toolbar.

Twitter in Google+

Your Twitter timeline will begin to populate the Google+ Stream in its own way.

You can post to your Twitter account, add a picture or link and even add a location to your tweet.

You can then go through your Twitter feed and read the latest from those you follow, check your @ mentions, your direct mentions, re-tweets and even search for what is going on.

When you post from the Google+Tweet extension, you will see it shows that connected to the tweet.

Tweeting from Google+Tweet

Google+Tweet brings the best of how you socialize into the Google+ fold. This makes it easier to stay on top of both social networks in once place as opposed to trying to manage things at each website.

Pros of Google+Tweet:

  • Allows you to update Google+ and Twitter from the same interface
  • Completely integrates Twitter into Google+ in a familiar way
  • Quick, easy install

Cons of Google+Tweet:

  • Can only use Twitter in Google+, not the other way around
  • Does not always update instantly when sending tweets

Is Google+Tweet Effective?

Google+Tweet is an effective way to manage both Google+ and Twitter in one place. The extension is easy to install, quick to get started with and allows you to easily take control of both Twitter and Google+ in one location. The Twitter integration into Google+ is effective and looks good built-in to the Google+ model.

If you are using Twitter and Google+, look no further than Google+Tweet to manage both in one place. Google+Tweet can make your social networking life a lot easier if you are looking for a way to keep everything together.

Get Google+Tweet.