Friendsheet Facebook IconThis is yet another great tool to “WOW” your online social experience. Friendsheet layout makes it easy to scan large amount of photos within a short time. Its Pinterest-style layout makes viewing Facebook photos much more fun than ever. Friendsheet makes use of users’ public photos on Facebook to create a pinterest-style page, where users can make comments, like and share Facebook photos and even upload new photos to Facebook.

Friendsheet is designed by Zach Allia. It combines the layout and design elements of Pinterest with Facebook brand to showcase photos from users’ news feeds.

How to Get Started on Friendsheet

Remember, we have discussed How to Set up an Account on Pinterest and Beginners’ Guide to Using Pinterest Effectively. So, you shouldn’t have any problem with using Pinterest. Since Friendsheet brings the same pleasure as Pinterest, let’s run through a quick guide to get you rolling.

1. First visit Friendsheet website. Close to the top of the page, you will see a button labeled “Log in with Facebook.” Click on that button.

Friendsheet Login Button

2. If you are not already logged into Facebook, you will be taken to a “Facebook Log in” page. If you are already logged in, you’ll simply be asked to go to Friendsheet app. Click on the blue button labeled “Go to App.”

Friendsheet Facebook App

3. Because you will also be using Friendsheet to upload and share photos on Facebook, the app will ask for permission to post on your behalf. Click on the blue button labeled “Allow”.

Friendsheet Facebook Permission Page

4. You will be redirected to the Friendsheet website. At the top of the page, you will notice a light blue box labeled “Welcome to Friendsheet”. Select “Hide this Message”, unless you want to receive updates from Friendsheet in your Facebook news feed.

Welcome to Friendsheet

By now, your Facebook picture (and other bars) would have appeared at the top left hand corner of Friendsheet page.

Top Left Hand Corner of Friendsheet

Wait a while for Friendsheet to load all the pictures from your public posts and your friends’.

Typical Friendsheet Homepage

This is the page that will load the next time you log into Friendsheet (as long as you are signed into Facebook). Now, you can make comments, like, share and even update your Facebook status with images.

Few Basic Things You Should Know How to Do on Friendsheet

1. Like I said earlier, you can make comments, like, and share any of the pictures on your Friendsheet page.

Typical Friendsheet Item

2. You can click on a brand or person’s name to view all the pictures in their public posts. You can also click directly on a photo to enlarge it and view it almost exactly as it appears on Facebook when clicked.

Typical Full Photo Page

To exit this page, click anywhere on the black blanket surrounding the picture. Note the white column labeled “View more photos from this album” at the top right hand corner, above “comments”.

View More Photos

Clicking on it will load all the pictures in the public posts of the person or page that shared that picture.

3. To view all the pictures in the public posts of a specific friend, just enter the friend’s name in the “search box” at the top right hand corner of your Friendsheet page, beside a button labeled “Share on Facebook”.

Search Bar Showing Dropdown

As you type, relevant names of your friends on Facebook will appear on a drop-down menu. Select the name of a person to view the person’s pictures.

4. To upload a picture to your Facebook page, click on the bar labeled “Share Photo” at the left hand corner of your Friendsheet page.

Photo Upload Bar

On the next page, click on “Browse” to select the photo you wish to upload. Make sure you “Add a photo caption”. Then click on the button labeled “Upload Photo”. The photo will directly upload to your Facebook timeline also.

Photo Upload Page

5. There are many other things you can do on Friendsheet. To access them, move your mouse cursor to the bar labeled “Browse” at the top left hand corner of your Friendsheet page.

Friendsheet Other Options

For example, select the column labeled “Settings” to get to a page where you can decide to hide all comments, captions and/or fan pages.

Friendsheet Settings Page

After selecting the options you prefer, just click on “Home” to return to your page and see your Friendsheet page displayed exactly as you have just selected.

Is Friendsheet Really a Better Way for You to View Facebook Photos?

One great advantage that Friendsheet has over Pinterest is its relationship with Facebook. Facebook itself is a repository of photos, and Friendsheet takes away the pain of having to slowly wade through Facebook photos by arranging them in a way that is easier to view and use – pinterest style. However, take note that Friendsheet is very different from Pinterest. You cannot pin photos or arrange them into pinboards and categories like we have on Pinterest.

Let us know how you feel about this hot new Facebook app and how it compares with Pinterest in your personal experience.

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