mailbliss-logoSmart phone users have the luxury of instant access to new emails. This is a luxury any one, smart phone user or not, can have with a little help from MailBliss.

The amount of people using text messages had risen exponentially since the time we started using mobile phones. People receive several messages on a daily basis. These same people are relying more on SMS messages to communicate. Adding an email service to work with the text messaging service people are already used to using will be an easy transition.

MailBliss is especially useful for people who want to get updates about new emails, but do not have access to either a WiFi or a 3G network. Using this service they can get their emails as SMS updates instead.

Start receiving emails as text messages

The signup process is straight forward. Only a few steps are required to get you receiving emails as text messages. To start, you should navigate your browser to MailBliss. The homepage is laid out well taking out some of the guesswork out of signing up.


Create a MailBliss email address

The address you are going to create will be (username) This is where you will ask people to email you so the message gets sent to your phone.


Phone information

The next step in creating your new email address is entering your details about your phone. You will be asked for your phone number and which wireless carrier you use. The reason they need to know the carrier is, each carrier has an address for each phone used when sending a text message. The format of the address can vary per carrier.

Fortunately the service is not tied to the US alone and there are a lot of other countries where you can use MailBliss.


Finished creating email address

After you have all of the information filled out, click the “Create Email Address” button.


Manage your emails

You will be taken to a screen where you will need to fill in a bit more info. This information lets you manage your email address.


You will need your MailBliss email address and the password you created in the last step to login to manage your emails. When you log in, you will see your account information. More importantly, at the bottom  of the page, you should see any emails you have received.


Send a Test Message

To send a test email to your phone, log into another email program and sent a test email or ask a friend to email you at your MailBliss email address. You should receive a text message with the contents of the email sent to your MailBliss email address..

Useful Tip

If you have an email address you already use and don’t want to hand out another email address to people, most email providers let you forward emails to another email address. Forwarding your emails to a MailBliss address would be great for job hunters or when you go on vacation and are expecting an important email and in other such similar situations.


For someone starting out with email or has a growing need to receive email on the go, MailBliss is a simple and free way to see how much you will actually use email on your phone.

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