Pinterest IconWould you like to make Pinterest work for you rather than you working for Pinterest? Are you still wondering how people are using Pinterest effectively? There is a lot more possibilities on Pinterest than meets the unprepared eyes.

Though the social network appears to be dominated by women, it is really becoming obvious that there is more to gain from pinning “pinteresting” items. Already, Pinterest is proven to be an effective driver of web traffic for websites and blogs.  Little wonder, the social network is exploding like fireworks.


7 Tips to Get More from Pinterest

One really laudable effect of Pinterest is that it tends to stimulate creativity, collaboration, and organization. If you haven’t, please set up a Pinterest account and read our beginners’ guide to using Pinterest Effectively. Now, let’s quickly run through these awesome tips.

1. Use Pinboards Creatively

Pinterest is all about pinning as well as following pinboards and Pinterest users. So, your success on Pinterest depends on the titles and categories of your boards, the kind items you pin as well as how you use them.

a. Create Boards for Closely Related Items & Avoid Over-Populated Boards

This is a great way to make your boards really interesting and get more people to visit them. Instead of having too many pins on one board, create new boards for new niches.

For example, Abby Adam’s Pinterest Page commands over 500, 000 followers. You will notice that the page contains a lot of topic boards with great titles like “Art-Fantastical”, “Party Inspiration”, “To Fill the Home” etc. These are titles that generate interest and attention.

Abby Adams Pinterest Page

You could create boards for “Exceptional Windows Themes”, “Awesome Office Furniture”, “Sleek Gadgets for Students” etc. Your choice of a title should depend on what you want from Pinterest. If you have a wedding coming soon, you could create a board for “Wedding Gifts Wishlist”.

b. Keep Inspirational Ideas

Are you preparing to move to a new house, get another car or set up an office? You could use Pinterest to creatively collaborate or plan an event or activity. As you browse the web, you will continue to come across the kinds of items you want in the house, car or office. Pin them on relevant boards until you have a full house.

Inspirational Pinboards

You could even do a search of the item on Pinterest and pin items from your search results. This could eventually serve as inspiration for getting the item.

2. Analyze Your Pinterest Activities

Most especially for marketers, though analytics can’t be entirely relied upon, they are important for determining how to spend your time or cash.

Pintics is a service that could offer some insights into how to use your Pinterest account, but it is still in beta. The service helps users manage multiple Pinterest accounts and monitor traffic as well as other activities on Pinterest.

Pintics Homepage

Another service, Pinreach, can be used to determine the most popular pinboards, trending pins and ratings or scores on the Pinterest popularity graph.

Pinreach Homepage

Similarly, Pinpuff can help you discover your reach, activity and virality score as well as other interesting statistics. You do not need to grant Pinpuff access to your Pinterest account to get the account’s statistics. That means users can use Pinpuff to spy on their competitors.

Pinpuff Homepage

All that Pinpuff requires from users is their email addresses and any Pinterest username.

3. Optimize Your Site for Search Engine by Building Backlinks to Your Site

As you probably know already, Pinterest is dominated by the female folks. However, as the site began to rise in popularity and Page Rank, many people started using it for SEO purposes also.

To optimize your site for search engines using Pinterest, you’d have to think of Pinterest in terms of linkable and “pinnable” image assets. One way to begin is to check your site for images that can be pinned. Then, categorize them accordingly and create several pinboards. Look out for blog pictures, infographics, charts, graphs and eBook covers that can be pinned. Also, in pinning items and creating boards, make sure you use keyword rich and accurate descriptions and titles.

An analysis on Search Engine Watch reveals that each pin can bring at least 3 backlinks to your site in three ways:

First, the “From: [hyperlinked text]” at the top left-hand corner of a pinned item links back to your site. Secondly, the pinned picture itself contains a link back to your site, and lastly, you could intentionally place the third link in the pin’s description.

3 SEO Links for Pinterest Pins

However, you have to implement this properly. If you open an image before pinning it, you will most likely pin the image’s file location and not its webpage URL. To avoid this, use “Pin It” button to pin pictures from your webpage.

Note also that you can pin web pages that do not have pictures. As long as you legally have access to a picture, you could pin the picture and later return to edit the picture by changing the URL. That means you have full control over the items you pin and their landing pages.

Additionally, you can pin the screenshot of any webpage on Pinterest. Go to Url2Pin, and enter the URL of the webpage you want to pin.

Url2Pin Homepage

This is a great tool for website designers. They can use it to quickly showcase their latest jobs on Pinterest. Below is a screenshot of on Url2Pin.

Url2Pin Screenshot of TechNorms.com4. Optimize Your Web Presence to Attract People to Your Pinterest Page

As it is with all social networks, it is important that you find a way to get more Pinterest followers. There are several ways to achieve this.

Generally, you could add Pinterest “Follow Me” button as well as other popular buttons to your email signature with a free service called Wisestamp. Their “Pinterest Email App” helps users get Pinterest Follow Me button without needing to handle HTML.

Pinterets Email stamp

Blog owners should also consider adding Pinterest “Follow Me” button to their blog posts. For WordPress blogs, Pinterest Pin It Button will help you place the button below all your old and new posts. Similarly, Pin It on the Pinterest plugin is useful for allowing visitors to pin specific images in a post.

WordPress Pin It on Pinterest

Another Pinterest “Pin It” Button enables you to determine the exact location of the button – below or above – and allows a few other modifications.

WordPress Pin it button

5. Make Each Pin Work for You

It is important that you convert as many Pinterest visitors as possible. One way to do this is to include a landing page in the pin’s description. For example, if you are pinning the cover of an eBook or webinar slides, you should include the download link in the description. Another way to achieve this is by telling your visitors what to do next by including a call-to-action.

Example of Pinterest Call to action

Calls-to-action is necessary to subtly guide prospects to take the desired action. What this means is that you should actually request that your visitors click the “download link” or picture to get the eBook – and not just include it.

6. Get More Social on Pinterest to Get More Followers

Ultimately, every Pinterest user wants more followers. Getting an increase in followership does not happen automatically – it requires deliberate efforts. As we said earlier, first get creative with your boards. Ensure you create well-categorized boards with excellent titles. Then, spend a time to promote other people’s stuff – like, share and comment on them. This tells every follower you are not on Pinterest for selfish reasons. Also, ensure you promote your Pinterest account on other social networks.

7. Learn From Others

Pinterest is still growing and more creative ways of using Pinterest are still evolving. So, ensure you take note of how other people or brands are using Pinterest. Success repeats itself. If one person succeed in a new creative way, you will most likely succeed by adapting it for yourself.


Pinterest is all about pinning, following pinboards and following Pinterest users. So, start pinning. The earlier you start, the faster you’ll learn.

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