Visually now provides its users with an automated tool that lets you create unlimited infographics. Interestingly, the number and value of infographics you can create entirely depend on your creativity with the tool. They say infographics are a better way to tell a story. Impressively, the latest automated tool from Visually actually relieves you of the pain of telling a story and creates a story for you. So, creating infographics is now easier than ever.

At present, Visually provides three separate tools with alternative themes or templates for automatically generating infographics for users. They include Facebook Monster, Life of a Hashtag and Twitter Account Showdown.

Facebook Monster provides very interesting statistics about your Facebook account; Life of a Hashtag tells the story of a Twitter hashtag from the creator to the last user along with many other interesting discoveries; and the third tool, Twitter Account Showdown, is useful for comparing the influence and reach of two Twitter accounts.

How to Generate Unlimited Infographics With

On the surface level, it appears you could use these automated tools for very simple things alone. However, when you create your first infographic and the second, your results will reveal the potential ability of the tool. You can create unlimited infographics, but the quality of the infographics totally depend on how creative you can get. homepage

Facebook Monster allows you to create the infographic of your Facebook activities alone. So, it limits you to creating only one infographic. Life of a Hashtag and Twitter Account Showdown, however, offer users the possibility of creating unlimited infographics. Already, some sites have started comparing industry leaders on Twitter; and personally, I enjoy creating the infographics of trending hashtags to see their journey from inception to the end.

So, let’s create your first infographic so that you can go on and create unlimited infographics. First things first! Go to the homepage of Visually and Sign Up. Click the red button labeled “Sign Up” at the top right-hand side of the page.

Sign up

The next page will display a sign-up form. Fill it appropriately, and click the “Sign Up” at the bottom.

Sign Up Form

On the following page, select “Create” at the top left-hand side to create your infographic.

Visually "Create" page

On the page that opens, select the blue button labeled “Get Started Now”.

Visually Get Started Now

You will be taken to the Templates page. From there, you can create automated infographics.

1. How to Create a “Twitter Account Showdown” Infographic

You can use Twitter Account Showdown to create unlimited infographics, comparing several accounts. To create a Twitter Account Showdown infographic to compare the account of Huffington Post and The New York Times, all you need is their Twitter usernames – @HuffingtonPost and @nytimes.

To get usernames on Twitter, open a new tab on your browser. Head to your Twitter account and locate the account username – @[username] – of people or brands you want to compare. Twitter usernames are readily seen below the account name of their users.

The New York Times Twitter

Then return to Visually Templates page that we opened earlier. You will notice that Twitter Account Showdown is loaded already. First, select the theme you want to use from a rectangular area with swiping pictures. The area is titled “Choose a Theme”.

Choose a Theme

Presently, there are 4 themes you can select from – Nimbus, Glow, SXSW and Knockout. Move your cursor towards the theme you want when it comes up, and select “Use Theme”. When the theme loads in the preview area, enter the Twitter usernames of the accounts you want to compare at the top and click the blue button labeled “Go”.

Enter Twitter Usernames and Click Go

Make sure you wait while Visually loads the data you entered. It won’t take too long to get your infographic ready. When Visually creates your infographic, select “Download” among the buttons below the created infographic.

Download button and Others

You can also share the created infographic on Facebook as well as tweet, embed, email or post it.

2. Create the “Life of a Hashtag” Infographic

Life of a Hashtag reveals all the important data concerning any hashtag. You can literally create unlimited infographics for several hashtags, and you only need to enter a hashtag to get its history.

To create Life of a Hashtag, look at the top right-hand side of the Visually templates page. You will notice a bar starting with “Try a featured story”, select “Life of a Hashtag” in front of it.

Life of a Hashtag

When the nest page loads, select a theme on your right-hand side as described earlier. Enter a specific hashtag, and click on “Go!”. A good place to find hashtags is trending stories.

Enter a Hashtag

Allow time for to create your infographic. When your infographic is created, follow the steps in “1” above to download, share, tweet, email, embed or post it.

3. Create a “Facebook Monster” Infographic

The Facebook Monster infographic is really interesting, but you can only create an nfographic for your Facebook account alone. The tool searches your activities, profile and the activities of friends on your account. It then comes up with rib-cracking statistics.

Here’s how to create a Facebook Monster. Select “Facebook Monster” from the titles at the top right-hand side of the Templates page.

Select Facebook Monster

Wait for the template to load. Before you select “Log in to Facebook”, ensure you are logged into Facebook. If not, open a new tab and log into your Facebook account. Then click “Log In to Facebook” on this page.

Visually Facebook Log in

On the following page, select “Click to Create Your Monster”, and wait for Dr. Visually’s Automagical Facebook Monsterizer to create your monster.

Visually Create a Monster

When your infographic is created, follow the steps in “1” above to download, share, tweet, email, embed or post it.


Like we have said before, the only limit to the number of infographics you can now create on is your creativity. All you have to do is build a story around a hashtag or find a reason to compare two Twitter accounts. If you’d like to see other tools for creating infographics, you can read the post on 7 Free Tools for Creating Great Infographics.

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