Improve Firefox Speed- © TechNorms Firefox is one of the most popular browsers on the internet. Over the time, a lot of developers have created several extensions which let you customize Firefox according to your needs.

Power users often need several additional features while surfing the internet in Firefox, so they install a lot of extensions.

After sometime this impacts the performance of Firefox on your computer. Not only does Firefox gets slower, you also notice that it takes considerable time to startup.

The reason for slowing down of Firefox is the fragmentation of Profile databases.

SpeedyFox helps improve Firefox’s performance by compacting it’s databases and improving the startup and working speed.

SpeedyFox Installation and Usage:

SpeedyFox is a standalone program. After you download it (link below), there is no need of any installation. Download it to a location where you can access it whenever you need to speed up Firefox.(I have it Pinned to the Taskbar for Quick access)

After download just double click on SpeedyFox program and you would get a message from Windows if you want to run it.

SpeedyFox Run Notice - © TechNorms

Click on “Run” and the SpeedyFox Program Window would open.

SpeedyFox Program Window:

SpeedyFox UI - © TechNorms

The SpeedyFox User Interface (UI) is very simple. The windows has only 2 options, that you need to work with, to improve Firefox Performance.

1) Select the Firefox Profile You want to speed up.

The dropdown option shows the various Firefox Profiles you have created. If you have no profiles, the default one would be displayed. Select that. (What is a Firefox Profile?)

2) Click on “Speed Up My Firefox” button.

Optimizing Firefox Databases - © TechNorms

Once clicked,  SpeedyFox starts compressing your Firefox databases to reduce their size, in order to improve performance. It’s a safe process and all your data (passwords, bookmarks etc) would be safe.

Once the optimization is complete you would notice a significant improvement in Firefox startup time. Do this for all the profiles for the best possible results.

SpeedyFox Features:

  • Boost Firefox startup in up to 3 times!
  • Speed-up browsing history.
  • Quicker operation with cookies.
  • Improvement in overall Firefox performance


SpeedyFox does make a noticeable difference in the speed of startup of Firefox. Firefox has several plugins for same function (compressing databases), but they need to be installed on each profile.

SpeedyFox can manage the compression of databases for all your profiles from one single window.

Download SpeedyFox.

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