FirefoxMozilla has released Firefox 12.0’s beta to the public, wanting to gauge the response from users as well as get feedback on how to make it even better. Since Firefox 12.0 will be the foundation for future releases of the Internet browser. Making sure they get 12.0 right is the only way to ensure the evolution of Firefox into the future.

Testing beta software, especially for those that are fan of a program, is not always the best way to see what is coming. Our post will give you a bit of information on 12.0 as well as encourage you to give it a try and give Mozilla your feedback on what they could do better.

What’s New in Firefox 12.0?

When you first install the 12.0 beta and open Firefox, you will be warned about using an unknown release.


Keep in mind that any time you use beta software, you may run into issues. It is important to do a clean install of Firefox as opposed to overwriting the current, stable version. This is the only way to keep your user data in tact and safe from harm.

About Mozilla Firefox

Some of the current changes between the stable version and 12.0 include updating Firefox includes one less prompt to deal with. This makes the overall updating time shorter. Page Source also now has line numbers to find and locate information easier. Things that were changed include allowing line breaks to be a supported title attribute, any URL pasted into the Download Manager directly will start downloading and overall improvements to the find in page search feature.

Improved dev tools

Finally, Mozilla continues to improve the developer tools in Firefox 12. Mozilla boasts about 85 improvements to the dev tools in this latest release so far.  The developer changes include the inclusion of column-fill CSS, support for text-align-last and experimental support for a few types of design objects.

New media controls for HTML5 video and audio

There’s stuff to like about Firefox even if you’re not running Windows. There are new media controls for the built-in video and audio player. If you ran across a lot of HTML5 video, you’ll see them in action. The new controls don’t only look better, there are new buttons and features as well, including the ability to view video in full screen.

Squashing the Bugs

Some of the current bugs include Firefox crashing if you use a locked profile, scrolling in the Gmail window may be slow, some touch pads cannot be used and it is possible to block upgrades to Firefox if the Microsoft System Restore feature is used.

At the moment, this is all that has been tweaked with in Mozilla Firefox. As time goes on, more features and updates to the 12.0 beta will be introduced. For the latest, check out the release notes for the Firefox 12.0 beta.

Does the beta release mean anything to everyday users?

For most Firefox users, the 12.0 beta will not do anything major for them at the moment. As more features, tweaks and fixes are implemented, the beta may actually become a bigger deal that most think. Since Mozilla is working diligently to turn 12.0 into the “new Firefox,” there may come a point when the beta is a bigger deal than the stable version.

Keep an eye on the Firefox beta and let us know what you think if you are giving it a try. We would love to hear your thoughts on the future of Firefox.