My first animated .gif picture.

Do you want to create an animated banner image for advertisement or any other purpose but do not have the required software or the budget to hire an expert? Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) animations are widely used on the Internet by advertisers. Interestingly, creating animated gif images is so much easier than many people think. The reason many advertisers prefer to use them is that it attracts a lot more attention than static images, and thereby serve their purpose very well.

Normally, animated gif images combine two or more images, which may be photos, drawings, scans or texts, and display them in a particular sequence. That’s why you first have to prepare a set of images, decide the purpose of the animation and arrange the images in the order in which you want them to appear before finally creating one gif image from the two or more individual images.

Websites for Creating Animated Gif Images

The following websites offer varied features. Some provide more detailed tools for the creation of animated gif images. We have however selected more than 10 so that you can choose the one that best suits your need.

1. is useful for making cool animated avatars. On, you don’t even need to register to create unique avatars from your own photos. You can easily create nice gif images from two or more pictures. You can make your face smile, wink or look surprised. You can also resize your images, change the animation speed, add sparkling texts and add different frames. Website

Moreover, their avatar creator is prebuilt with over 70 avatar templates and lots of effects to turn your photos to avatars.

Create Animated Gif with

2. Imgflip

Imgflip is a really impressive website for generating animated gif images from videos or images, and the images are not watermarked. For most video sites, you can copy and paste the url of a video to generate gif animation from them. You can also upload videos from your hard drive. Then you can select the size and speed that you want.

On the site, you can also create memes, submit images and flip through other submissions.

Imgflip website

Create Animated Gif with Imgflip

3. Make Animation

Make Animation features a more detailed interface for making animated gif images. You can upload images in jpeg, tiff, png, bmp or other formats and even edit previous gif images. The site has a more detailed bar for setting the roundness of the corners. You can change several properties like background color, speed, and size or fit the animation to a particular size.

Website of Make Animation

Create Animated Gif with Make Animation

4. Gifmake

Gifmake has a simple but deep interface for creating animated gif images. The site enables you to decompose and edit existing gif images and also change the pictures that form the images. You can also create a gif image from the scratch and add fascinating effects.

Gif make website

Create Animated Gif with Gifmake


Picasion is another free online gif maker that you will find very useful. Here, you can create avatars, make glitters or add other effects to your image. You can import your pictures from Flickr or Picasa. You can take photos with your webcam or add the url of known pictures.

Picasion website

Create Animated Gif with PICASION


GIFPAL is a lovely service for making animated gif images. The site enables you to power your webcam and snap photos. The site also provides access to drawing tools for adding text or other drawings in order to make your images more attractive.

Gifpal website

Additionally, you can add different effects, adjust the speed of animation and frames delay and also manage or edit your frames to make your GIF images more interesting.

Create Animated Gif with GIFPAL

7. Online Image Editor

Online Image Editor makes it easy to edit images and animated GIFs online. You have the option of uploading images from your hard drive or a URL. You can create a canvas and add texts and more. You can resize and crop your gif images, add texts and borders and also merge images. You can also choose between squared corners or rounded corners and add appealing effects.

Online Image editor website

Create Animated Gif with Online Image Editor

8. MakeagiF

You have to sign up to use this service and also store your creations on their website. They also make it easy to sort images when needed.

Makeagif website

Create Animated Gif with Makeagif

9. GifSUN

Here, you can create slideshows of photos as gifs. You can also create albums to make it easy to locate photos. You can add texts to your images to create ads e.g. animated banner ads. You can resize and add other effects.

GifSUN websiteGifSUN is available is several languages – France, Deutsch, Italiano, Espanol, Chinese and so on.

Create Animated Gif with GifSUN


Gickr is a simple website for creating animated gif images. It is used for creating cartoons, banners, previews and so on. Right from the homepage, you can upload your pictures or get them from Flickr.

Gickr website

Create Animated Gif with GICKR

Still Not Satisfied? Here Are More Sites for Making Animated GIF Images

If you haven’t made a choice yet, perhaps you should check out the following extra sites. You’ll definitely find one that will help you out.



Tools On Net


Fun Photo Box


Gif images are very important on the Internet, especially because they attract more attention. However, the quality of your gif image is very important. So, ensure your sets of pictures are of good quality. Also, make sure the sequence of the pictures follows a logic that fulfills your purpose. If you succeed in creating a well-crafted gif image, you have a really powerful image at your disposal.

We welcome contributions to this list in the comments.

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