Google DriveGoogle Drive was introduced to the world wide web on April 24, 2012. The buzz behind Google Drive had built for over a year (or even more) before Google finally released it. Now that it is here, many users have opted to give it a try. By signing up for an invite, Google has begun sending out invites fairly quickly to users.

Google Drive is a Cloud service provided to Google account holders that let them store up to 5 GB of data at the free level and more with paid accounts. The Google Drive replaces Google Docs but allows more functionality when utilized in conjunction with other Google services, such as Gmail, Google+ and Search.

Getting Started with Google Drive

If you want to get started with Google Drive, navigate to

Notify me

Click the “Notify me” button in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Google Drive is coming.

From there, check to make sure the Google account you want to set up Google Drive is correct. If not, you can click “Sign out” and login to the right account. If the account is correct, click “Notify me.”

Thank you!

Google will thank you for the request and direct you to learn more about the Drive service.

You should receive your invite shortly. For some people, it has taken less than 10 minutes and for others, it has taken a few hours. Just hold tight and Google will send you an invite to Drive as soon as possible.

Take me to Google Drive

When you receive the invite, you can get started with Google Drive.

Click “Take me to Google Drive” to get started.

How to use Google Drive

Google will redirect you to Drive and introduce you to it with a pop-up and video.

Welcome to Google Drive

Feel free to watch the video before clicking “Try Google Drive.”

Google Drive is similar to Google Docs and utilizes the same basic engine to create, store and sync files.

Google Drive

You will be prompted to download the Google Drive for PC, but you can opt to do that later.

In the upper right-hand corner, you will be given the option to switch back to the classic view for Google Drive through the settings.

Google Drive

Click on the “Gear Icon.”


You will be given the most basic settings to work with through this drop-down menu.

From here, you can choose the display density, return to the classic look for Google Drive and enter the actual settings. Click “Settings.”

(10) settings

From here, you can work with the behind the scenes settings for Google Drive in the General tab. Click “Editing.”

Settings - Editing

In the Editing tab, you will be able to choose whether or not to show controls while working with Google Drive.

Remember to click “Save” before changing any settings and heading back to the main screen of Google Drive.

Now that we are back at the main screen, click “Create.”


A drop-down menu will appear and let you create a new document. For this example, we will create a new Drawing.

Untitled drawing

You can title, work with various factors of the document and then work within the document body itself.

Document options

You can make comments and share the document, too.

Comments & Share

As soon as you make any edits, they will automatically be saved to Google Drive so you do not lose your work should something happen.

Every change you make is automatically saved.

Anytime you want to head back to the main screen for Google Drive, simply click the arrow next to the title of the document you are working with to do so.

Back to Google Docs

Your new document will now appear on the main screen.

New document

You can work with it anytime by checking the box and working with the document’s menu.

Document options

Google Drive also allows you to upload files from your own computer to store and work with, just like with Google Docs.

Click the “Upload Icon” to get started.


From there, you can choose a file or folder to upload. You can then work with it just like you would any other file on Google Drive. This area will also show you how much space you have used and direct you to where you need to go to purchase more space.

Google Drive Pricing Plans

Google currently offers a variety of plans for those who want more space on the Drive.


The free plan comes with five GB of data for Drive, 10 GB of data for your Gmail account and one GB of space for Picasa. You can purchase anywhere from 25 GB to 16 TB of storage space for anywhere from $2.49 a month to $799.99 a month depending on your plan.

Google Drive is bound to grow and become more as Google spends more time working with it to make it even better than its launch.

Should you give Google Drive a spin?

If you are looking for a way to get into the Cloud and use your Google accounts to their maximum potential, Google Drive is a stepping stone in its current form. While the majority of Google Drive is based on Google Docs, if you have used the latter then you know what type of benefits you will get from it. Before taking in all the hype, opt into Google Drive and give it a try yourself. This is the only way to get the most out of it and learn if Google Drive is the Cloud-based solution you have been looking for.

Let us know what you think of Google Drive! We would love to hear what our readers have to think of Drive!

Get started with Google Drive.