Upon initial release, Google introduced Drive for your browser, your PC and your mobile device. At the moment, the mobile version of Google Drive is only available for Android phones with an iOS-based version to come out in the near future. The mobile version of Google Drive allows you all the same functionality as the previous Google Docs incarnation. It lets you keep what you have uploaded to Drive at your fingertips when you step away from your computer.

This is a powerful asset to getting the absolute most out of Google’s version of the Cloud Storage. Our guide will show you how to get started with Google Drive for Android.

How to use Google Drive for Android

If you are ready to get started with Google Drive for Android, you need to visit the Google Play store on your mobile phone.

Google Play

From there, you can search for “Drive” or “Google Drive.” It will take just a few seconds for the search results to populate. Click on “Google Drive” to continue.

Now, you want to take a look at what access the Google Drive for Android app will have on your phone. If you are okay with the access, you can click “Accept & download” to move forward.

Accept & download

Depending on your connection, this may take a few seconds or minutes to download. Your phone will automatically begin installing it. Once installed, you can get started with Google Drive for Android.

Upon opening Google Drive for the first time on your phone, you will be greeted by the Terms of Service. Make sure you fully understand what you are getting into before continuing. Click “Accept” when ready.

Terms of Service & Meet your Drive

You will get a brief introduction to Google Drive, click “Ok” to get going with the app.

Now, you have access to the primary screen for Google Drive. You can also access the settings.

My Drive & Settings

Click “Settings” to take a look at how you can make Drive work for your mobile phone.


You can now choose how Drive will work from here, such as cache, encryption and data settings. These are advanced features to Google Drive on your phone and depending on your mobile plan and service provided, you may need to tweak them accordingly o you are not eating up your data for the month.

From the main screen for Google Drive for Android, you can access your Drive, documents shared with you, starred, recent and offline documents. Simply click on one of the areas to view what you have synced in Drive.

Drive & My Drive

If you click on one of the documents, your phone will begin to open it. Documents will either be cached or downloaded directly to your mobile phone depending on the size and what you want to do with it.

Opening & Viewing

At any time you can click the “Document Icon” at the top of the app to either create new documents or upload one from your mobile phone.

Create new... & Search

You can also click the “Magnifying Glass Icon” to search for documents within your Drive.

The Google Drive for Android app is similar to the Google Docs app previously available. If you are familiar with it, you can get the hang of this app very quickly. Otherwise, it is easy to use and start taking advantage of everything going on with Google Drive no matter where you are.

Pros of Google Drive for Android:

  • Easy and quick to use
  • Can upload most common file types to Drive

Cons of Google Drive for Android:

  • Same features as the old Google Docs app
  • Not all file types are supported for uploading
  • Internet connection and wireless service can make viewing documents slow

How does Google Drive for Android help you get more from the Cloud?

The whole point of Cloud service is to be able to have access to what you need no matter where you are or what type of device you are using. Since more and more people are turning to Cloud-based services to stay in the loop on the go, Google Drive’s launch has sparked a lot of excitement and interest amongst Google account holders. If you used Google Docs and are still looking for the same functionality, Google Drive will continue to let you do what you need to do.

By combining Google Drive and Google Drive for PC with the Google Drive for Android app, you can stay completely connected to the documents you need no matter what device you are holding in your hands. If you just started using Google Drive and have yet to take advantage of its other features, give the PC and mobile versions a try. You will see just how easy it is to work with documents away from your computer when you need them the most.

Get Google Drive for Android.