Mozilla is always working to make its products, especially Firefox the best on the web. This comes from their roots as an open-source project that lets users directly impact what they saw from the browser in the future. Mozilla’s latest project, Aurora, is the much-anticipated re-launch of Firefox coming in version 14.0.

Aurora is set to change how Firefox works from the ground up not only by improving the basic code it was founded on but also by integrating much-needed components, changes and functionality users have craved but have not been getting the smaller updates Mozilla has released.

Getting started with Aurora

If you want to see what Aurora is about and even help give feedback that could make the next Firefox even better, you want to visit Mozilla’s website and download Aurora.

Remember that when testing any software, you may not get the desired results but your feedback is crucial for making improvements that will make the program even better.

Once downloaded, and installed, you can launch Aurora and give it a spin.


Some of the biggest changes come in the background and the way Firefox will handle user data. For example, its primary search functions now utilize Google’s HTTPS. This means that you’re a bit more secure without having to do it yourself.

Plugins will now be allowed to load via click as opposed to automatically being used. This can be resourceful when you do not want a plugin to interact with a heavy-duty page or you just do not need it while browsing.

Another useful feature introduced is URL autocomplete in the address bar. Autocomplete works pretty much how you’d expect: when you start typing in an URL, it’ll autocomplete to what it thinks you’re looking for instead of giving you the old drop-down menu.

The browser features a new panel based downloader which replaces the old download manager window of the browser.

For Mac users, you can now take advantage of full-screen mode.

There are also a variety of developer changes within Firefox, including Pointer Lock API support, new API controls to stop your system from sleeping and a handful of CSS improvements.

As more changes come, Mozilla will introduce them for users to test out and submit feedback for. If you are one of the Firefox users willing to give Aurora a shot, make sure you submit your feedback thoroughly to help keep Firefox at its best.

What makes Aurora different for Firefox users?

Mozilla wants to do more with Firefox, and the only way to do that is to work on innovations that other browser developers, such as Chrome and Internet Explorer are not. By actively involving the community as Mozilla always have, they ensure that Firefox is benefiting from what user want.

If you have a chance to take a test drive of Aurora, take the time to let Mozilla know what you think. Only by voicing your opinion as a Firefox user will you be able to truly contribute to what a great browser you already are using.

Download Firefox Aurora.