gmail-attachments-to-driveAs the Internet continues to grow larger and gets tightly knitted into the daily life of everybody, it is important to begin to use better tools to reduce time wastage and improve the online experience. Gmail Attachments to Drive is a Google Chrome extension that makes saving Gmail attachments to Google Docs (now Google Drive if you have activated your account) as easy as pie. It eliminates the need to open attachments in Google doc before selecting the option to save.

Interestingly, Google Drive has been launched and Google Docs already stored in the storage do not count against the quota. Now, it is so important to understand how to save Gmail attachments to Google Drive more easily in order to fully utilize Google Drive and easily store documents sent via emails in Google Drive when necessary.

Getting Started with “Gmail Attachments to Drive”

Here, you will learn how to add the extension to your browser as well as how to use the feature easily. The entire process is fast and easy.

How to Add “Gmail  Attachments to Drive” to your Chrome Browser

First, you need to add “Gmail Attachments to Drive” extension to your Google Chrome browser from Chrome Web Store. Go to “Gmail Attachments to Drive” extension page. On that page, click on the blue rectangular bar at the top right-hand corner labeled “Add to Chrome”.

Bar for Adding Gmail Attachment to Drive

A box will pop out and prompt you to add “Gmail Attachments to Drive” to your Chrome browser. Select “Add” from the box.

Confirm Gmail Attachment to Drive Extension

When the extension finishes installing, a box will appear at the top right-hand corner of your browser. The box simply explains that “Gmail Attachments to Drive” has been added successfully, and you can manage the extension in your Tools menu.

Confirmation Message for Gmail Attachment to Drive

How to Manage Gmail Attachments to Docs

To get to Tools menu on your browser, click on Menu icon at the top right-hand corner of your browser.

Chrome Menu

Move your cursor to the item labeled Tools in the drop-down and select “Extensions” from the next drop-down.

Chrome Menu Showing Tools Menu

This will launch the settings page for installed extensions on a new tab. Here, you remove the extension immediately or later. As you can see, “Gmail Attachments to Drive” extension is presently enabled.

Chrome Extensions Settings Page

How to Quickly Save Gmail Attachments to Google Docs

Now, open your Google Chrome browser in a new window to allow the browser to incorporate the new extension. Go to your Gmail inbox and locate any email with attachments you would like to save directly to Google docs. Scroll down and note a difference –

Gmail Attachment without 'Save To Drive" Option

Gmail Attachment with 'Save To Drive" Option

Remember, “Google Docs” is now part of Google Drive. Now, you have an added the option of saving the attachments to Google Drive shown as “Save To Drive”. Select “Save to Drive” for each of the documents you want to save to your Google Drive account.

Gmail Attachment with 'Save to Drive" Option

That’s it. Your attachment has been saved to Google Drive. A new tab will open to confirm that your attachments are indeed saved in Google docs.

Google Docs Page

You can select Google Docs from this page if you wish to view the saved attachment to confirm that your attachment is intact.

Update: This extension is currently not available, The alternative link for this extension is as below

Get Started with “Save Emails and Attachments”

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