Many people use email services so regularly and yet do not take note of the enormous ways they can maximize the full potential of this awesome Internet tool. In spite of the rise of social media and text messaging, it is becoming more obvious that emailing is not going away any soon. It is apparently the backbone of communication via the Internet. So, it is just wise to get the tools that make emailing more productive and faster.

Since Gmail is arguably the best web-based email service available today with the highest number of users, let’s see the add-ons that can make you derive greater benefits from Gmail than the average user.

Gmail Add-Ons That Make Emailing More Productive

The following Add-Ons have been carefully selected so that you can make an informed choice. You may be familiar with some of them, but you will definitely locate another add-on that will power up emailing for you again. Within a few minutes, you can set up another add-on and start enjoying faster and more convenient emailing.

1. Taskforce

Taskforce tackles the problem of setting up your to-do list on another platform by integrating a collaborative task manager into your account. At the top of each message, you will be provided a bar for converting messages to new tasks. Also, a new bar appears at the top of your box that indicates the number of tasks you have at hand.

Taskforce Homepage

When you convert an email message to a task, the subject line becomes the title of the task (but it remains editable), and then you can enable collaboration for others in the list. You can also create a task without necessarily including an email message.

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2. Rapportive (Now Sales navigator by LinkedIn)

Rapportive instantly feeds you quality information about your Gmail contacts every time you receive a message. It adds a sidebar that replaces the usual Google ads (at the right-hand side of your inbox) with links and information about your contact’s social profile, profile image, and other discoverable information. Impressively, you can edit the personal information that you want to be available to other users of Rapportive.

Note: Rapportive is now rebranded as Sales Navigator by LinkedIn after getting acquired.

Read about making Gmail more social using rapportive in our detailed review.

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3. Boomerang

Boomerang effectively simplifies emailing. It lets you schedule emails to be sent later, set up Follow Up reminders and reminds you of expected emails. It lets you schedule messages to return to your inbox if you don’t get replies within a specified period. If you receive an email but are too busy to tackle it right away, you can boomerang it to return to your inbox later. Also, the add-on provides a calendar picker for setting up schedules.

Read our detailed review about Boomerang for Gmail here.

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4. FollowUp.CC

FollowUp.CC works like Boomerang, but it has an added functionality. You can schedule your Gmail account to send a reminder email if a contact does not reply within a specified time. It also lets you create personal reminders and snooze reminders and integrate with Google Calendar and Salesforce.

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5. Active Inbox

Active Inbox lets you categorize emails as “actionable”, “awaiting response” and “Deal With Someday”. Instead of storing your emails, it lets you decide immediately what to do with your emails, categorize them as tasks and group them into projects.

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6. FindBigMail

This is a powerful utility for those who receive a lot of attachments via mail. Though Gmail storage space has been upgraded to 10GB, FindBigMail is still necessary for the long run. FindBigMail scans your inbox, locates the emails with the biggest sizes and lets you get rid of them to free up space. It labels messages that are 100KB, 500KB, 2MB and above so that you can get rid of them. The free account is available for Gmail accounts ending at Gmail, but users of Google App need to pay some monthly fee to use this service.

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7. Sanebox

Sanebox features almost everything you need to reduce the time you spend emailing. It lets you set to follow-up reminders, unsubscribe easily from unwanted emails, integrate social network and also defer reading an email to later.

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Still Not Satisfied? Try More Gmail Add-Ons

Here are a few more add-ons to try your hands on:



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Emailing is so tightly integrated into web activities that the use of productivity tools cannot be neglected if efficiency and effectiveness are the ultimate aims. We do hope you have found another useful Gmail add-on to increase your productivity. If we have missed an important one, feel free to let us know in the comments.

(Article updated on 27/12/2018)

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