Google Tasks Desktop Application - © TechNorms Everyone uses different types of tools and software to help them become more productive. Google has a number of services like Gmail and Google Calendar which can be really helpful for a maximizing your productivity and getting things done. Gmail with all its labels, stars and filters saves time by helping us sort our email where as Google Calendar can help us maintain our schedule.

Another such service, not as popular as the above two mentioned, but equally good is Google Tasks – which can help you maintain a to-do list.

The best part about Google Tasks is that it can be integrated with both Gmail as well as Google Calendar – so you can access and edit it from either place. It’s also available on iGoogle on your mobile. But it’s always good to have access to such useful tool right on our computer desktops.

Google Tasks – Desktop Application In Action:

Google Tasks is a light-weight application that allows users to add, view and edit tasks on Google Tasks. It is a cross-platform application which is developed using Adobe Air.

Its light weight and consumes very little resources on your computer. It basically shows the Mobile Interface of Google Tasks right on your desktop.

Installation is simple – just download and the application would install itself using Adobe Air. When you run it for the first time – you would need to sign into your Google account.

Google Tasks Desktop App - © TechNorms

Once signed in, it would take you to your Tasks list. The interface is well designed and easy to navigate, since it displays the mobile version of Google Tasks.

Google Tasks In Action - © TechNorms

You can easily change the size of the window to adjust it according to your needs. Click on the New Task button to add new tasks to your list. You can easily check off the tasks that have been completed.

Manage Multiple Google Tasks Lists:

The “All Lists” Button on top lift, would show all the To-Do lists on your Google account. You can create new lists right there and start adding stuff to any list.

View All Google Tasks Lists - © TechNorms

Access Other Google Service on Desktop:

Although this application was designed specifically for Google Tasks, you can access many other Google services as well. Click on the more button on top to go to any Google service you wish to use.

All Google Services on Desktop - © TechNorms

Since all the services listed, are in the mobile version, they load quite fast and are just as functional as the web versions.


We have seen other cool online To-Do list managers like TeuxDeux, but Google Tasks is better since it integrates with many other Google Services like GMail, Google Calendar and iGoogle.

Having access to To-Do list where ever you go, is a huge plus and Google Tasks can be accessed from a number of places, not to mention its easy to use and functional.

Download Google Tasks Desktop Application.

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