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Are you tired of having to delete loads of unwanted emails daily? Do you also hate the process of unsubscribing from emails one by one? Well, Unroll.me can help you do a lot more. Unroll.me lets you unsubscribe from unwanted emails with just one mouse click. If you don’t want to completely unsubscribe from some lists, you can mash them together to create list called Roll Up. All the emails in a Roll Up are delivered as one, once daily and at a period you personally specify.

Aside unsubscribing from unwanted subscriptions, Unroll.me also helps you discover subscriptions that you may want to add to your Roll Up. So, if your inbox is filled with loads of subscriptions that you want to get rid of with minimal effort or you want the freedom of subscribing to more lists without cluttering your inbox, Unroll.me might be the friend you need.

Getting Started with Unroll.me

Unroll.me may be the magic you need to clean up your inbox. The entire process of cleaning up your inbox is simple. The following demonstrates how to clean a Gmail account with Unroll.me. However, Unroll.me works with other email services like AOL, Yahoo etc as well.

1. Connect Your Gmail Account to Unroll.me

First go to the website of Unroll.me. From the arrow button on the homepage, you can select Gmail, AOL, Yahoo mail and so on. After selecting your email service (Gmail in this case), click on the red button labeled “Continue”.

Connect Unroll.me to Gmail Account

The following page will ask you to allow a third party service to access your Gmail account. Choose the email you need to clean, and click on “Continue”.

Google Allow Third Party

On the following page, you will be prompted to allow Unroll.me access your account. Select “Allow”.

Unroll.me Seeks Access to Google Account

2. How Unroll.me Works

Once you get to your workspace, you can start unsubscribing from different lists. Here’s how your workspace will look:

Unroll.me Workspace

The items on the left are your subscriptions. To unsubscribe from a list, click on the ” – ” button in front of the item. If you just want a cleaner inbox but do not want to unsubscribe, click on the “+” button to add the item to your Roll Up.

How to Unsubscribe or Roll Up on Unroll.me

A Roll Up is a single email that delivers all specified subscriptions in one email from Unroll.me. To unsubscribe from a list is very easy. Click on the ” – ” sign, and the item will disappear from the list, and then you’ll get a message that you have been unsubscribed from that list.

Unsubscription Message

If you make a mistake, you can simply undo or go to your trash box to resubscribe. To resubscribe, locate the Trash Box at the top left hand corner of your workspace, and click on the notification icon after the Trash Box.

Location of Trash box on Unroll.me

Click on the “+” sign in front of the item you want to resubscribe to.

How to Resusbcribe from Trash on Unroll.me

3. How to Create a Roll Up

To create a Roll Up, select the subscriptions you want to bundle up into one email. Click on the “+” sign in front of each of them to add them to your Roll Up. As you click on the “+” sign, each item will move from the subscriptions pane to “Roll Up” pane.

Roll Up items on Unroll.me

Then, you can set a delivery time for the Roll Up, click on the item labeled “Evening” at the top right hand side of your workspace to reveal a drop down. Select your preferred period of delivery from the dropdown.

How to Set Roll Up Delivery Time on Unroll.me

Note that you can add recommended items to your “Roll Up” if you wish. Click on the arrow button in front of Recommended For You, which is below your subscriptions to reveal items that may interest you. Then, click on the “+” sign in front of them to add them to your Roll Up.

How to Add Recommended items on Unroll.me

That’s it, using Unroll.me is as simple and straight forward as that.

Is Unroll.me the Kind of Unsubscription Service You’ve Been Waiting For?

Unroll.me truly makes an email box more tidy with the options to “Unsubscribe” or “Add to Roll Up”. Depending on the problem you have with your inbox, this may be a truly lasting solution to the problem of congested email box. Since the service is still in beta, you can Sign Up to get a beta invite on their website.

Get Started WIth Unroll.me

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