Do you prefer to stay organized, but find the enormity of the web and the non-stop information flow unmanageable? is a cloud-based online vault for storing almost any kind of information in a very secure system. It let’s you store the bits and pieces of information you use everyday or once in a while in an organized fashion and also enables you to access them anywhere and through any gadget e.g. computers, tablets or smartphones. You can store information about your pets or veterinarian, family health, bank details, passwords to different online destinations, different lists of contacts and other vital information.

Now-a-days we have a lot of data that we need to keep at our finger tips are increasing by the day; and not having them readily available can totally disrupt a normal day.  Impressively, Personal lets you keep as many of this information as possible in safe and organized system. can be easily accessed, sorted, and searched from anywhere. It also allows you to make some of the information you store available to others like your family, staffs, friends or even a community when necessary. This way, you won’t get bogged down by phone calls from people needing information from you.

Getting Started With

With, you can keep almost any kind of information secure in your personal vault and choose to give the spare keys of some parts of the vault to your family, staffs, friends or favorite community if necessary. To start using, go to their website.

Sign Up with

At the top right-hand side corner of the homepage, click on the orange button labeled “Register”.

How to Register on

On the following page, you will be required to enter your details as well as a password for this service. Ensure you enter correct details and then select “Sign Me Up” at the bottom of the form. Also make sure you agree to their terms and conditions by checking the relevant box.

Registering on

Check your email for the confirmation code and enter it on the next page as required. Then click on the orange button labeled “Confirm”.

Personal Confirmation code from Email

On the next page, you can log in with the details you registered with and start using Personal.

Personal Login Page

How to Use Personal

When you login, you will be greeted by a welcome box on a blanketed page. You could click close labeled “X” at the top right-hand corner of the box to exit to your vault or click “Next” at the bottom right hand side of the box to view some essential tips.

Personal Welcome Page

For a short review of how Personal works, quickly run through the 5 to 6 slides about the application by clicking “Next”. On the last slide, click on the silver button labeled “Gemware” to locate topics called Gems that you can edit and/or add to your vault.

How to Find gems

See below how your personal vault will look until you add enough information. There are 3 ways to start using Personal, you can search through categories of Gems from the left hand pane, look for items alphabetically or search for them using the search box.

Personal Vault

As your first Gem, you can add Addresses to your vault. You will be able to store shipping and billing addresses and so on, and then you can update them regularly.To add Addresses to your vault, click on the button labeled “Add Empty Gem” below Addresses.

How to Add More Gems

A square box will appear at the top left-hand side of your page under Vault. In the box, click on “Add Data”.

How to Add Data to Vault

On the next page, you can enter a name for the Gem and add the information you’d like to keep in your vault.

How to Enter Information on a Gem

Note that you can click the “+” button at the top of the page to open new pages for more addresses. When a page is complete, click save at the top or bottom right hand side of the page.

How to Enter Information on a Gem

Bear in mind that you don’t necessarily have to fill up all the information on a page. Just enter the details that are important to you and move on to a new page or another Gem entirely.

How to Get Ideas on What to Store in Your Vault

If you would like to see how others are already using,  check out community vaults. Go to your Gemware by clicking “Gemware” at the top left hand side of your page.

How to Find Community Gems

Select “Communities Gems Available”, and you will be taken to another page.

How to See Community Gems


Click “View” in front of any of the Gems to see how different people are using

Gems in Personal Community

How to Grant and Request “Gems” from Others

At the top left hand side of your vault, you will see three bars labeled “Grant Gems”, “Request Gems” and “Publish Gems” respectively. You can select any of them when required.

For example, to grant  your wife or child access to a particular “Gem” in your vault, simply enter the name of the Gem and the email address of your wife or child. Then click on the orange button, labeled “Grant Access”

How to Grant Access to Gems

The same process goes for requesting access to another person’s Gem. However, the process for publishing a Gem differs. To publish a Gem to the community, click on the bar labeled “Publish Gems”.

How to Publish Gems

A large box containing all your Gems will appear. You can sort your Gems into categories, and then select the Gem you want to publish before clicking Next. Here, I have just one Gem in my vault.

Choosing a Gem to Publish on Personal

On the next page, enter the required information concerning the Gem you would like to publish and click “Next”

How to Publish a Gem to Personal Community

Next, you will be notified of successful publishing.

Personal Publishing to Community

Is It Safe to Store Sensitive Data in the Vaults on

A lot of people seem to be really worried about the safety of very sensitive pieces information on Personal. It is actually advisable to start storing less sensitive information for a start, and later evaluate the service based on experience. Personal is still in beta, so start with those important pieces of information that are not too sensitive.

Get Started With

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