Screencast-o-Matic Logo Screencast-O-Matic is an easy to use and incredibly useful web-based service that lets you record your screen or a portion of it and create screencasts online.

The bast part about it, is that it lets you create screencasts directly from their website, without having to download or install any screencasting software.

With this service you can upload your videos directly to YouTube once the Screencast is created. You can also download the Screencast to your computer.

Screencast-O-Matic Usage:

It’s not necessary to register with the site to use this service. You can visit the site, record your screencasts and export them to your computer.

However, if you are a registered user you can view specific screencasting channels as well as keep your screencasts online on their website.

The screencasts are created using JAVA – so you need to make sure you have Java enabled in your browser (this is not the same as Javascript, you may keep it disabled if you want).

Screencast-o-matic Recording - © TechNorms

Once you click on create screencasts button on the main page – a java Applet would load which would then let you select the screen size which you want to record. As shown below we have selected an area resolution of 642×508.

You may also select one of the various preset sizes provided on the recording toolbar, which range from a 640 X 480 to HD and Fullscreen.

Preset Resolutions - © TechNorms

Screencast-O-Matic Features Overview:

  • Create Screencasts online with and software download or install.
  • Create Screencasts in custom resolutions or in Full screen or even in Hi-Def.
  • Make an instructional video by adding notes to the Screencasts whenever needed.
  • Export Screencasts to your Computer in different video formats.
  • Directly upload and share Screencasts on YouTube.
  • Embed Screencasts on any webpage.

Visit Screencasto-O-Matic.