FolderDrive-introHaving a clean desktop means you will be less distracted when you are working. However, a desktop with nothing on it isn’t always the most efficient. To make your life a little easier, you can use FolderDrive. When you use FolderDrive, you can turn any folder on your computer into a network drive accessible in your My Computer screen.

Imagine being able to eliminate the 10 or more click process to get to a file in your Dropbox folder. Instead, simply turn the folder you use all of the time into a network-like drive. Think about the possibilities. If you are working on a project, you could add all of the folders you need from all over your computer or shared drives into one location. This could be a picture folder and a shared Dropbox folder and another from your document folder buried deep within your maze of organization. When the project is done, you can change the mapped folders to whatever you are working on.


The mapping of the folder is pretty painless actually. Once FolderDrive is installed you should see a window like this. To start mapping, click the button that says Add Mapping.


The next window will let you choose a drive letter and the folder you’d like to map.


In the Drive Letter drop down, you can see all of the available drive letters from A-Z you can use for each folder you’d like to map. To add the Path click on the button with the 3 dots.


Here is what it will look like when you are ready to click the OK button. It would be a good idea to click the Make Permanent box so you won’t need to allow access every time you open a folder.


As you can see in the picture above, I used my general Dropbox folder for this example. If you have a folder in your Dropbox that you uses all the time, you can create a FolderDrive just for that folder. You can add several different FolderDrives to your My Computer screen by repeating the above steps for each folder.


After you’ve added some folders, take a trip over to your My Computer window to see if they are showing up.

FolderDrive-my computer-screen

When you add a lot of folders to this screen, you will want to change the name of the drive to something other than Local Disk: A so you can remember what folder is what. To change the drive name, right-click on the drive and select Rename.


When you shut down FolderDrive, all of the mapped folders will disappear just like you unplugged the drive. See how FolderDrive can give you fast access to all of your commonly used folders?


There are a lot of potential uses for FolderDrive to keep you organized and efficient. It may take a little foresight when you start a project, but having everything you need in one spot is a huge time saver. You won’t need to remember where the folder with the pictures is. Is it in your Dropbox or in My Pictures? Just label the mapped folder project pictures and you will be all set.

Download FolderDrive.

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