20+ Online Tools For Analyzing Websites and Monitoring ROI

Site management and performance monitoring can be really daunting. Without adequate tools, the competition can easily blow you away if you are not careful. Fortunately, there are several tools to help you know more about your site and tweak the necessary features. Many of these tools also allow you to monitor your competitors and know where you stand on the global or local landscape.

Whether you use your website for business or you make your living online, you need certain tools to keep your ahead of the competition and these tools are the key. These tools can help you know more about your own website and that of your competitors, take informed decisions and lead the pack in style. At least 2 of the things we mentioned are certain, the style part is all up to you.

Tools for Analyzing Websites and Monitoring ROI

No doubt, it is becoming more difficult to run a site by the day. Competition is getting stiffer. You should track as many signals as you can. The more you know about your site and the competition, the more you can take informed decisions and the more successful you will be.

Here are some really powerful tools that can help you outpace the competition. You may some of them, but you can certainly try out the ones you haven’t heard of before. These tools are not arranged in any specific order.

1. Google Analytics Tool

Google Analytics is the most widely used site analytics. It helps you detect issues your site may have (like 404 error pages) and reveals promising data about your visitors. It lets you monitor visits to your site and also provides a detailed report on the number of visitors, page views and many other metrics. It also lets you track all your visitors from search engines, social media, other websites, emails, and even PDF documents.

Google Analytics Homepage

With this tool, you will know exactly what your site visitors are interested in getting from your site. Premium service is available.

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2. SEMRush

SEMRush is good for competitor analysis as well as search engine optimization. It lets you discover competitive traffic sources and other possible sources of ads for your site. It even lets you know the value of ads that are relevant to your site and their traffic rates.

SEM Rush Homepage

You don’t need to register to use SEMRush. That means you can also track competitor’s websites. Premium service is available.

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3. BackLinkWatch

The authority (and hence ranking) of any site on Google search engine depends on the quantity and quality of backlinks to the site. BackLinkWatch lets you discover backlinks (also known as inbound links) to your site. You can also check the backlinks of your competitors to know why they rank higher than you.

Backlink Watch Homepage

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4. SEOQuake

SEOQuake works with your Firefox, Chrome or Opera browser. It displays quality information about the websites you visit – Page Rank, Google Index, Alexa Rank and so on. It lets you analyze your keyword density easily. It also highlights the no follow links on your site.

SEOQuake Homepage

All you have to do is install the toolbar and presto, you will see a number of interesting and useful data about any sites you visit.

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5. W3 Counter

W3Counter gives you real-time statistics and analytics for your website. It tells you the number of people currently online, their maps, referrers, navigation, keywords and so on. The service is free for people with less than 5000 page views daily, and there is a plugin for WordPress users.

W3 Counter Homepage

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6. Woopra

Woopra is a web analytics tool and also a customer engagement tool. It provides real-time detailed statistics about each visitor to your site. You can use the tool to optimize your advertising campaigns and improve the effectiveness of every page on your site.

Woopra Homepage

Woopra can be used free for the first 30 days. If you like how it works, you can upgrade to Paid plans.

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7. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg helps you track the movement of your visitors’ eyes on your website using “eye-tracking technology”. You’ll know exactly where your visitors are looking and the items they click on through their heatmap, scroll map, overlay and confetti tools.

Crazy Egg Homepage

Crazy Egg comes with 30-day free trial.

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8. Click Tale

This one is similar to Crazy Egg above. With Click Tale, you can track the mouse movement of your visitors and every item they clicked on your page. The tool will provide you with scroll heatmaps, attention heatmaps, click heatmaps and mouse move heatmaps. It also shows where visitors dump your online forms and the entire process of conversion.

Clicktale Homepage

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9. Google Website Optimizer

Update: Google has integrated Website Optimizer Google Analytics as Content Experiments. To use it, sign in to Google Analytics. Open Standard Reporting, and under the Content section, click on Experiments.

Basically, Google Website Optimize help improve the conversion rate by providing a free split testing tool – experiments to discover the best performing parameters on your site. With A/B testing, you test two versions of a webpage, whereas multivariate tests enable you to test several elements on different web pages simultaneously.

Google Website Analyzer Homepage

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10. Alexa

Alexa is a pretty good tool for comparing the traffic of different websites and discovering website traffic trends. Moreover, it lets you discover where your site stands amidst the myriads of sites on the web. Although it’s data isn’t always reliable, its a pretty good indication of the general traffic trend of a website.

Alexa Homepage

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11. Who Is

Who is provides basic information about a domain plus hints about hosting and registration details. It shows domain registrar, expiration date, status and DNS name servers. You can use it to quickly find out administrative and technical information about any website. It also provides domain name suggestions plus other services.

Who is Homepage

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12. Site Trail

Site Trail is a free tool that reveals the details of any site. You get analysis for the site’s SEO, social media, revenue, links, color, contents, hosting, who is, server and so on. You can get their toolbar for Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Site Trail Homepage

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13. Stat My Web

Stat My Web gives you several details about any site. It provides a report on Alexa, broken links, IP location, website speed, website info, reciprocal links, HTTP headers, DNS records and so on. You can look up each report for more detail. Also, you can get their widget to display the result on your website.


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14. Norton Safe Web

Norton Safe Web lets you analyze sites to identify security risks and other stuff you wouldn’t want on your computer. You’ll get reports on computer threats, identity threats, and annoyance factors.

Norton Safe Web Homepage

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15. Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is totally free. It helps you gather, sort and export link data easily. You can compare pages and links side by side and get graphical reports for all the data.

Open Site Explorer Homepage

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AreMySitesUp checks your site more than 90 times in a single day. It lets you know immediately when your site is down for any reason and provides HTML status report whenever possible. They also have both iPhone and Android apps with Push Notifications to help you monitor your site on-the-go.

Aremysitesup Homepage

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17. Pingdom

Pingdom lets you monitor your website and servers and get immediate alert by email or SMS, Twitter or mobile when something goes wrong. You can also monitor trends in your performance.

Pingdom Homepage

Pingdom comes with 30-day free trial and their pricing plans are quite reasonable. It’s easy to say they are the most well-known uptime monitoring service there is and are well respected because of their excellent performance.

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18. Raven Tool

Raven Tool provides quality data from reliable sources to help website owners make better campaigns. It taps into other tools like SEMRush, SEOmoz, and Majestic SEO data. It also integrates with Google Adwords and WordTracker as well as a host of other reliable online tools.

Raven Homepage

30-day free trial is available.

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19. QuantCast

QuantCast lets you monitor your audience for free. It’s somewhat similar to the Alexa Service we mentioned above.  The tool provides reports on visits to your site (online and mobile web visits) as well as page views per month for both online and mobile visitors. You also get demographic reports on their age, sex, level of education and income range plus many other important parameters.

Quantcast Homepage

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20. Site24x7

Site24x7 lets you track your webpage performance, monitor servers and cloud apps for downtime and get instant alerts and also track SLA performance.

Site 24x7 Homepage

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Still Looking for More? Here Are More Tools

Here are many more tools for monitoring and analyzing your sites. We hope you’ll find one or more that perfectly meet your need.



Majestic SEO

Link Research Tool

Spyder Mate

Web Page Test

Google Page Speed Insights

GT Metrix



Website monitoring is a very important aspect of running a site. So, site owners should take this really seriously. The above-listed tools are too many for any single user. So, select one or two that match your requirements and budget. In the comments, let us know the tools you are currently using and how they help your site grow.

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