In our bid to cover the best Android apps for our readers, we often go exploring the infinite depths of Google Play Store and emerge with the most sparkling gems. There are still a lot of unexplored areas and one of them is the Education category. Here we have so much fun blogging that we did not really venture into the serious (I mean studious) category of apps for Android.

So, when a friend of mine urgently needed a scientific calculator just a couple of days back, I suggested one to him within minutes. But the apps that I came across while digging through the Google Play store intrigued me and I went on exploring. I was surprised at the large variety of apps available for all sorts of conversions and calculations. I got hooked and decided to list down some of the best apps for the job.

Life is too complex as it is. Calculations, equations and formulae make it more so (Ask the people who have to work with them all the time). Keep it simple by using the apps listed below for doing all this stuff.

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

First up is the handy, ever reliable calculator app. If you know how the calculations are to be done, this app is your best bet to get the results. The developer describes the app as ‘A fully featured scientific calculator which looks and operates like the real thing.’ And I totally agree with it.


The options/settings are not much – just some preferences that you may wish to change. The app itself is fully functional and calculated everything that we threw at it. Its useful to verify bills, calculate discounts, tips and pretty much anything else. If you need to handle financial calculations at work (or home), it is strongly recommended to have this app handy.

Download RealCalc Scientific Calculator


This one is for the engineers or anyone who works with electronics. The app is a storehouse of useful and handy information about everything related to electronic circuitry.


Under the calculator’s tab, you have several pre-set calculators and convertors that you can use by just changing the values. You can set color codes for resistors and inductors and setup filters. Heck you can even simulate circuits using EveryCircuit (This app needs to be installed separately.)

The pin-out tab is dedicated to, well, pin-outs! Need pin-outs for ports, connectors or cables? You got it. The app has a pretty good database. Looking for pin-outs for ICs and microcontrollers? That is under the Resources tab. Get the PIC Microcontrollers Database (Separate app download needed) and you have all the information at your fingertips.


The app serves as a nice reference for a table of standard resistors and capacitors, symbols and abbreviations, ASCII table, batteries, and ICs. Wish I had this app in college days. Would have made life so easier!

Download ElectroDroid


The Android app from the web service of the same name that helps you do math. Mathway is a popular online mathematics problem solver service and their Android app provides offline access to the service.


Mathway covers various sections under mathematics including Basic Math, Algebra, Trigonometry, Statistics, Calculus etc. The app comes with a full-featured keyboard with detailed symbols that allows you to enter even the most complex math equations with ease.


To get you started, each section comes with good examples and a detailed Help section. These will give you a good idea of using the app. The Glossary defines all the mathematical terms you will ever need. The settings are minimal and useful mainly if you are playing with graphs.

The free app is supported by ads. Sign up with and login to remove ads. The app only offers answers to your problems. If you need a detailed solution, you need to pay up. The payment options are quite flexible; choose the plan as per your need.

Download Mathway


Now that Math is taken care of, let’s move on to the other sciences. Formulae is an app that focuses on Chemistry and math (Oh yes! We are not done yet. Math is not that easy to be rid of, you know.)


The app is a good reference for chemistry and has a lot of information about functional groups, named reactions, mechanisms and also loads of equations. I don’t really like Chemistry, never did, but you may find all this information useful.


The app is also useful for quickly revising all those mathematical formulae and equations. For more information on any topic, you can visit Wikipedia right from the app. The Formulae app packs quite a lot of information and wraps it with a nice UI. And what’s more, the dev is working on adding a Physics section as well. That will make Formulae as a one-stop reference app.

A good alternative to Formulae is Formulas Lite. You may want to check it out!

Download Formulae

Calculate by QxMD

Calculate is an app aimed at medical professionals. The app focused on highlighting tools that are useful in actual clinical practice and help in diagnosis and treatment process.


The app boasts of More than 150 Unique calculators and Decision Support tools. It is developed by a collaboration of clinician experts from General Practice, Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Surgery, Obstetrics, Nephrology, Hematology, Orthopedics and many other specialties.

Frankly, all this medical stuff goes over my head. So I showed it to my family doc who was quite impressed by the app. He likes it, I like it. We do trust our doctor, don’t we? Calculate is free and available for download from Play Store.

Download Calculate

ConvertPad- Unit Converter

Moving on to apps that are not only often required but also fun to use and don’t put so much stress on your brains! Be it for currency, distances or the numerous units of measurements – we all need to do these conversions and ConvertPad is your app for the purpose.


ConvertPad sports numerous categories and you are sure to find any converter you need. Above image is an example of the current currency rates. The app features fast, real-time currency and unit conversion in a clean interface. Has a built-in direct arithmetic calculator and supports 160+ currencies in 24 languages.

Another nice feature is to have user-defined categories and units that can be safely backed up to the SD card. ConvertPad is a feature-stuffed app for all the conversions you may need.

Download ConvertPad

Smart Tools

An app that lives up to its name. Smart Tools app is a set of digital tools for your Android smartphone to do varied stuff in the real world. Smart Tool is a single package for the multiple individual apps that the developer had released earlier.


The app is a combined set with 10 free and 5 pro tools – making it a total of 15 useful tools in one app. Want to measure distances, angles or sounds? Need a compass or a flashlight? Smart Tools is the app for you.

You may need some help working with some of the tools. The developer has a manual and a video on YouTube for all the apps to help the users get started. Smart Tools is a feature loaded app to have on your phone. Never know when you might need it!

Download Smart Tools

Final Thoughts

Among the numerous apps I came across in the Play Store for these purposes, I found the aforementioned apps as the best and also the most useful. Quite a few of these apps have a niche focus but they are of good quality and have content that makes them stand apart. Depending on your professional or personal requirements, you may find these apps quite useful.

The other apps can be of use to any Android user and are good apps to have handy. I know I may have missed some good apps out there. If you are using any of those, let us know in the comments and share the app-love with our readers!

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