auto-hide-icons-settings-windowHaving a clean and clear computer desktop can be helpful for several reasons. Be it you have a great picture as your background or you don’t want the distraction or clutter. Whatever the reason is, Auto Hide Desktop Icons will clear your desktop automatically.

By clicking one button on your mouse, all of the icons and folders placed anywhere on your desktop will be restored right where you left them. After a predetermined time, everything will disappear again.

Setting up Auto Hide Desktop Icons

After the quick installation, Auto Hide Desktop Icons will start right away with the default settings and your icons will be cleared.


In the settings window, there are some check boxes to allow different options to be enabled or disabled. Options to Start with Windows or Start with the window minimized are a just a couple of the basic settings.


Others are a slider at the bottom left is uses to choose how long the icons will display before they disappear again.


Another is the choosing the button to press when you’d like to see the icons again. The Middle mouse button is a good choice so you don’t unintentionally show the icons in a screencast.


If you normally have the taskbar showing or hate the way the Taskbar opens and closes at the slightest touch, there is an option to also auto-hide the Taskbar too. Everything will disappear except for the Start button orb. When you scroll to where the Taskbar should be, it will appear and stay there for 3 seconds or whatever you have the timer set for. Then it will disappear again.


How to hide and restore desktop icons

The hiding part is done automatically. After the timer times out, the icons disappear. The default is 5 seconds but can be as long as 100 seconds. Here is what the desktop looks like when the icons are hidden.


When the correct button is clicked, the icons are restored for the allotted amount of time. Here is what the desktop looks like when the icons are restored.


Reasons to hide desktop icons

There are a several reasons why you would want to see more of your desktop. For example:

  • You have a slideshow of your favorite vacation as your background.
  • You are making a screencast and need a clear background.
  • You are poorly organized but hate clutter and want to sweep the problem under the rug until you are motivated to organize the mess.
  • You want to confuse anyone who tries to use your computer while you are not around.
  • You are very organized and have all of your files tucked away, but that recycle bin icon annoys you more than you’d like to admit.

Final thought

Whatever your reasoning for wanting a clean and clear desktop background, Auto Hide Desktop Icons makes it really easy to have both accessible icons and folders on your desktop and have no clutter. Both of these should give you a little productivity boost while you work.

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