Status Via - Facebook App Facebook lets you update your status from a number of platforms –  be it your computer or mobile. It has developed applications for all the mobile platforms like BlackBerry, iPhone, Android and more.

Sometimes, you just want the status update to be really special or unique, or maybe you just want update your status from the “iPad” which you haven’t bought yet. ;)

So how do we update our status from a device we don’t have  – or make it really unique?

StatusVia is a Facebook service lets you use and build your own custom device for updating your status. The devices can range from the regular devices like Facebook for BlackBerry, Facebook for iPad or funny ones like Facebook for Public Telephone, Facebook for Air Force One etc.

How To Use Status Via Facebook App:

Whenever you need to update your status via a different device/location you can visit the status via website. They already have over 10000 different devices to choose from or you can create your own by signing up with their website.

Here is a list of a few popular applications used on the website:

Facebook Status Update Options

To update your status from a selected device, just click on “Update Status” or “Send Wall” link and connect your Facebook profile to the StatusVia Facebook app.

Once that’s done, you can update your status via any device you like.

Usage Of Status Via App

In the image above you can see that the status has been updated via Facebook for Mobile, as well as “Nokia 3310” – which was actually updated with this service.

The programmer is from Indonesia, and half of devices is in Indonesian language (you can use Google Translate to ..uhm.. well.. translate it!). Actually, it quite funny if you have many Indonesian friend.. well geeky type of fun.

StatusVia Facebook Update App Features:

  • You can update your status via any device in the world, even if you don’t actually use it.
  • You can leave funny status update message like “via White House” or “via Mars” .
  • You can create your own custom devices using this service.
  • It’s easy to use, safe and free.

Check it out at –Status Via

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    • No, It can’t be a phishing site, simply because it does not ask you for your password anywahere. Phishing sites are after your password.

      This site, like many other Facebook applications, utilizes OAuth to post via your account for you. Hence its completely safe – just like so many other FB applications we use everyday.


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