WinPenPack-logoPortability is more important now than it was a few years ago. Many jobs offer the option to telecommute or involve some sort of travel. What this could mean is, you may not always be working in the same location or on the same computer each day. Having access to all the programs you need on a thumb drive while working on a shared computer can make you feel more at home.

To combat this problem, WinPenPack has put together different packages of portable apps to run from just about any portable USB drive. The applications are not some random home-made applications either. You will be using Firefox, GIMP, Audacity, 7zip, Filezilla and others that you are probably using everyday already. Read on for a bit more information about how WinPenPack portable apps work.

Selecting applications

WinPenPack offers several options to make the best use of the space on your thumb drive. You can download individual applications that you know you will use and are familiar with like Firefox or GIMP or Pidgin. If you choose the à la carte installation method, there are a few hundred different portable apps to choose from. All of the packages you can download have a launcher for faster access to the applications. Think of it like going to the Start Menu and looking at all the programs.

WinPenPack-main window

Using the portable applications

Using the portable applications on your thumb drive are, in most cases, no different from the full desktop versions. The portable versions are small and quick running. You will just need to start the WinPenPack application on the USB drive and you are ready to use all the portable apps.


While you can download individual applications and run them easily, when many applications are being used, the menu system will make finding the application you are looking for a lot easier. The menu window sorts all the apps by type. You will see a section for Utilities and another for Multimedia. These sections can be expanded and collapsed when needed. If you do not want the menu window open all the time, you can access the applications when the menu window is minimized too.


Another nice feature is most of the portable apps become the default program, while the WinPenPack app is running.


Application packages

There are 3 different packages of applications to choose. The packages are compiled to give you pretty much every application you could possibly need in any situation.


Personal Pack

The personal pack gives you the framework to add any of the applications and use the launcher for quicker access to the portable apps. There are no portable apps included with the Personal Pack. You will need to pick through the list and compile your ideal list of useful apps.

Essential Pack

The Essential Pack of applications will include more portable apps that are not really the best option if you work with a lot of documents. If you are more of a jack of all trades on the computer, the Essential Pack would be a good place to start.

Full Pack

The Full Pack is about 2gb worth of applications so it may take a bit of time do download and decompress the file. The applications in this pack are very similar to the Essential Pack with the exception of Firefox instead of Chrome and you will have Thunderbird as your email client. The Full Pack seems to be more geared towards the office worker types.


Final thoughts

Having a set of portable apps with you at all times is a great tool to have when you do not have a specific computer to work on every day. All of your own bookmarks in your portable browser, an email client with just your emails in it and your FTP application all set up and ready to use. Doesn’t that sound a lot easier than using shared applications?

Download WinPenPack portable applications

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