You know how Google changes the logo on their search page every day? Have you seen one you really like and wondered how you can keep it on there until YOU want it to change? Well, if you decide you want to have power over Google, read on.

Favorite Doodle is a simple little Google Chrome add-on letting you add different Google Doodles as a favorite. Instead of just being able to go back and see what the Doodle was, you can add it back to the Google search page just like it never left. Here’s how.

Changing the Google Doodle

Start out by going to the Google Chrome Web Store and searching for Favorite Doodle or click on this link to download Favorite Doodle.

Update: Favorite Doodle is discontinued.


Once you add Favorite Doodle you can visit If you are already there, you can refresh the page. What you will see is one of the previous Google Doodles being displayed like this one.


Selecting a Google Doodle as a Favorite

To change the Doodle to your Google search page, click on the current Doodle. Normally you won’t be able to click on the Doodle but the add-on makes it possible. You will be taken to the Doodle Gallery. Normally, if you go to, the Google Doodle Gallery will look like this. You will see a bunch of the previous Doodles and what they were for. favorite-doodle-before

When Favorite Doodle is up and running, there will be an addition to this page. You will see a Make this my favorite option.


When selected, the Doodle you choose will be the only one you see until YOU change it. Kinda makes you feel like you have power over Google, doesn’t it? Here is the Doodle from Halloween 2004 added as my favorite. favorite-doodle-halloween-2004

Can I use any Doodle?

There are some Doodles you cannot use because of licensing limitations, but you can use the vast majority of them. I scanned through a few years worth of drawings and didn’t see any that were not usable as a favorite.

Finding a Doodle


When searching for Google Doodle, there are a couple of options. You can search through all the Google Doodles from a specific year going all the way back to 1998, or you can look for the different Doodles shown in a specific country. Not every country has the same Google logo each and every day. favorite-doodle-different-countries

Final thoughts

While changing the Google Doodle may not be at the top of your priority list, some of the Doodles are really creative and you may want to see them more than once. Most of them are way less boring than the Google Logo you normally see, right?

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