CircleCount gives Google+ users a plethora of statistics at their fingertips on a given Google+ user. You can find out follower history, an average number of +1’s and data on comments. You can use or its Google Chrome extension to take advantage of everything it has to offer. Our guide to Circle Count for Google+ will get you started so you can truly find out everything you ever wanted to know about a Google+ user or page.

How to use Circle Count

The first step to getting started with Circle Count is to visit its extension page on the Google Chrome Web Store. extension

From there, click “Add to Chrome.”

Add to Chrome

A pop-up will appear that lets you know what the extension can access through Chrome as well as ask your permission to continue with the install. Click “Add” if you are okay with the extension being installed to continue.

Confirm New Extension

In a few seconds, Chrome will install Circle Count and you can begin using it. has added to Chrome.

When you hover over the Circle Count icon in the top right-hand corner of Chrome, you will see a drop-down menu of options. This allows you to see who has the top followers on Google+, give you access to the top 100 profiles or pages and more.

CircleCount menu

In order to get the most out of Circle Count, click “”


You will be asked to login, so click “Login.” is requesting permission to: will ask you for permission to accessing your information from Google. Click “Allow access” to move on.

CircleCount profile

Once linked, it will give you a quick breakdown of your Google+ profile as it appears on CircleCount. If it has not been added to the website, it will be after logging in and may take a day or two to update.

Posts stats

Your breakdown includes your overall CircleRank, your CircleRank in your country as well as how many you are following and are following you. It will even show you when your profile was added to CircleCount.

Average response per post

CircleCount’s website will also give you a breakdown of stats on each post you have made on Google+. This information can come in handy if you are interested in what posts are popular and what are not.

You can also get an idea of who responds to a post on what days of the week.

Now, if you visit a page on Google+, you can hover over the CircleCount extension button to open a pop-up on the page.

Page stats

In this instance, we have some information on TechNorms’s page on Google+.

Here you can see the rise of followers for the page, how many have followed it in the last week and then you can visit to get even more detailed statistics.

CircleCount may not be for everyone, but it can offer some insight for those with high profiles and pages on Google+.

What does Circle Count do for the average Google+ user?

If you are just getting started with Google+ or not even close to the type of traffic you want on the social network, Circle Count can give you an idea of what type of growth your profile or page is gaining. Circle Count breaks down a variety of stats you can use to gear traffic, write posts and spread the word on what is going on with your page or profile.

Install CircleCount.