ShortForm dot TV Online videos are a rage. With social networking in the picture, the concept of Viral Videos has taken off. If you make a video that becomes a hit with the netizens, you can become an online video star and earn contracts from advertising firms, a partnership with big websites and more.

This is has motivated a lot of people to create new video content every day – on sites like YouTube, Vimeo among others. So, now we get to see a lot of user-generated content online every day. But what about the quality of the videos –  is it always of the expected quality?

ShortForm.Tv –Watch Quality Short Videos:

Online video content isn’t always of great quality. If I am spending the time to watch a video and share it with friends, I would prefer to spend time watching quality stuff, but it’s not always easy to find.

In their own words:

“While the number of online video viewers continues to steadily rise, it remains time-consuming for the average person to sort through the millions of videos on social sites to find the hidden gems. does the work for you.  We find the best video clips on the web throughout the day and add them to our themed channels.  If you don’t like a clip, you can simply click ahead to the next one.  And when you find a clip you like, you can save it to you’re my Channel, curating your own Channel of video clips as you go.”


With, you get to see curated videos by human editors, so you would only get the best of the online videos. They also implement a sophisticated classification technology that helps the editors find and post the best short videos around the internet – all in one location.

Another cool part is all the videos are placed in specific channels – so you can watch what you are interested in. Various channels are available – “Funny Videos”, “Super Cute”, “Totally Weird”, “Facebook Hits” to name a few.

These channels work as a playlist. Once you start watching a channel, it keeps showing you new videos. You can Like/Dislike a video and new videos would be shown to you according to your previous “likes”. When you like a video it is added to your channel – You can then share your channel with your friends.

Create And Share Your Own Short Videos Channel:

You can log in with your Facebook account to create your own channel on Their Facebook application is quite good, and it can post daily funny or cute videos on your profile if you enable that option.


You can create your own channel from the videos that you have posted on your Profile before, or from your YouTube favorites.

By default all the options are unchecked so you can choose the ones you want. Features:

  • All Videos are curated by human editors – so only the best videos are shown.
  • Videos are arranged in channels to make it easy for you to watch them according to your taste.
  • Rating the videos helps the website decide which videos you may like next – more you rate – more relevant videos are shown.
  • Can post Funny/Cute/Feel Good videos on your FaceBook profile every day – if you sign up with FaceBook and select that option.
  • Lets you create your own video channel from Facebook or YouTube favorites to share with friends.

Check out ShortForm.Tv

Update: This service has evolved into a video content manager. It allows users to easily and quickly organize channels of YouTube and Vimeo videos and embed them on their web sites or Facebook pages.

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