COMODO ValkyrieCOMODO Valkyrie, also known as the Comodo File Verification Service, is a way for users to upload and have documents tested to see if it is safe or not. Comodo’s File Verification Service (FVS) scans documents, pictures and more for features such as whether they have been tampered with or if other information is embedded that could cause harm.

Traditional anti-virus programs can only tell you if a file you have downloaded is something bad on the surface; a file verification system can tell you if the file is riddled with hidden images, codes and more that you and your anti-virus program cannot see. If you suspect a file is hiding something, COMODO Valkyrie’s file verification service can help you find out for sure.

How to use COMODO Valkyrie

In order to start using COMODO Valkyrie, potential users will have to sign up for the service. Sign up now You want to enter you display name, e-mail address, and a password. Remember to use a unique password that does not give away your personal information or other accounts online. Click “Sign Up” to continue. Register successfully! COMODO will let you know if your registration was successful with a pop-up. Click “OK” to move on. Logged into COMODO Valkyrie You will now see you are logged into the Valkyrie service in the top right-hand corner of your browser. In the middle of your screen, you will see COMODO’s upload tool. File to scan: You want to click “Browse,” then pick the file you want to upload for the verification process. Click “I agree with the Terms and Conditions” as well before continuing. Then, click “Upload File” to begin the uploading process to COMODO’s servers. Now, once uploaded, it will take a few minutes to several days for a thorough analysis of your file. Click on your username in the top right-hand corner of your browser. Account settings You will see a menu to choose from which includes: Upload Management, Assign Management, and Change Password. Click “Upload Management.” Upload Management This will show you what you have uploaded to COMODO’s servers as well as its status. Detailed result In this case, the image we installed is active on COMODO’s servers but still going through the verification process. A few moments later, COMODO has finished scanning the image and lets us know that its auto-result and final result are “Unknown.” Detailed analysis results This can mean many different things but what it does tell us is that it is not a threat at the moment to the security of our system. Another interesting feature of COMODO’s Valkyrie service is that you can have a personal analysis of any file by a staff member. Assign for analysis When you upload a file, you can choose who you want to analyze your file personally by clicking on their picture. This process can take a bit longer but it is an interesting component to COMODO’s file verification service. You can also see the different types of detection and heuristics involved in your file. This includes Static Detection: Static Detection As well as Dynamic Detection: Dynamic Detection Lastly, you can also see the Advanced Heuristics: Advanced Heurisitics After learning everything you can from your file upload, COMODO offers you the opportunity to give user feedback on the process as well as comment on what type of file you uploaded. User Feedback This helps you and other users learn how files are affected by malware, spyware and more. At any time, through Upload Management, you can also see what files you have previously uploaded and their status for further review down the line. Pros of COMODO Valkyrie:

  • Detailed analysis of files provided by automatic tools as well as personal diagnostic
  • Keeps records of what has been uploaded for users
  • Lets users provide feedback to make the service better

Cons of COMODO Valkyrie:

  • Many users may not get the results they want quick enough
  • If users are not connected to the Internet, Valkyrie is useless for them
  • Users may not understand what exactly is begin diagnosed during the file verification process

Is COMODO Valkyrie really effective?

For users who are concerned about hidden malware, spyware and other unwanted information in files, COMODO Valkyrie can be an effective tool. However, for most users, the information COMODO Valkyrie provides during diagnostic will be too advanced for them to understand from the get go. If Valkyrie could provide a simple diagnostic explanation for files, as well as the option for more advanced logs, every user may be could truly take advantage of everything the COMODO service has to offer. File verification services can be very effective for users afraid that what they have downloaded is a risk. These files can come from all over the Internet as well as from friends, family, and coworkers through e-mails and links. Every file you ever download directly to your computer can be a threat whether you realize it or not and that is why services like COMODO Valkyrie exist. By uploading a file, it can scan it in ways anti-virus, anti-malware, and other protection programs cannot. While an anti-virus scan can tell you if a file is good or bad from the get go, it cannot scan the file thoroughly to tell you if something is embedded that can cause harm.

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