Reg Organizer

The majority of computer users out there have heard about the registry but they have no clue what it does or how they can use it. The registry keeps track of all sorts of information on the programs and operating system. Most of this information is necessary for things to run smoothly. However, the registry also contains information that is useless, no longer necessary and can even harm your computer. While Windows has no built-in way for a user to get to the heart of issues with the registry, programs out there like Reg Organizer help them do just that.

How to Use Reg Organizer

Reg Organizer’s download and installation process works just like most programs. Once installed, open up Reg Organizer to get started.

Reg Organizer will immediately begin to scan your system for issues and alert you to them.


The first area it will inform you on is the Registry Logical Structure. This is how your registry is laid out. The registry should always be in a structured way that is effective for Windows to access but this is not always the case.

The next area it will inform you on is the Registry Physical Structure. This condenses, conforms and re-organizes the structure of the registry. This scan must be performed manually.

The last area it will inform you on is the File System State. This helps clean up the hard disk and other areas the registry utilizes to help make your system run more efficiently and smoothly.

On the left hand side of Reg Organizer, you will have menu options where you can access a variety of features.


On the top right hand corner of Reg Organizer, you can click “Help.”


A drop down menu will let you see the various help options and get guidance when running into issues with Reg Organizer.

Click “Tools.”


This will give you a variety of tools to utilize in cleaning up your registry, such as cleanup, optimization, disk cleaner and more. Before you use any of these tools, you want to make sure you understand what each and every one of them do to avoid causing any issues with your system.

Click “Commands.”


This menu will let you create backups, change the language and update Reg Organizer. Before doing any work on the registry, you want to ensure you make a backup and save it to an external device or media so you can restore your system if necessary.

Click “File.”


You can import a registry backup or even open a specific registry file from this menu. You can also exit Reg Organizer any time from here by clicking “Exit.”

When you run a System Express Check from the left hand menu, Reg Organizer will begin checking your system for registry-related issues.

System Express Check

Click “Start” to begin the Registry Cleanup process after the check.


The scan will begin by analyzing the contents of your system’s registry. This process can take some time depending on the issues that come up and how large your registry is. You can see it move through the different categories as it scans.


Next, Reg Organizer will let you know how many problems it encountered.


In order to fix these issues, you will have to purchase the full version of Reg Organizer. You can do so by clicking “acquire a license.”

Now, click “Fix.”


A pop-up will appear alerting you once again that you will need to purchase a key to fix issues on your system. Click “Close” to move forward or choose to purchase a key if you desire.

Most registry cleaners require you to purchase a license to actually fix issues. Registry issues are complex and require a sophisticated level of programming to get done properly. If you feel your registry requires special attention, Reg Organizer may be right for you.

Pros of Reg Organizer:

  • Can easily be used by all computer skill levels
  • Quickly scans registry for a variety of problems

Cons of Reg Organizer:

  • Requires a license to actually fix issues
  • May not provide the level of support needed for more complex registry issues

Is Reg Organizer an effective tool?

Reg Organizer is an effective tool for those looking for a quick and easy way to fix registry issues, clean it up or just see what is wrong. The registry of a computer is a complex beast and without a program to guide you through the process, most users are lost as to what to do or how to do without causing more issues. If you are looking for an easy to use program to handle your registry, Reg Organizer is the right software title for you.

Download Reg Organizer.