Many computer users wish they were able to keep their computer clean. What exactly is a clean computer? A clean computer is a state it comes in when you first boot Windows after buying it. Your system is clean; it has no external software that is causing issues anywhere. It runs smoothly, quickly and in no time after installing this and uninstalling that, you realize just how lucky you were to have a clean machine in the very beginning.

TinyWatcher is an ingenious piece of software that detects subtle changes in Windows that you would never notice on your own. These changes let you know how much further you are getting from that pristine, clean machine. This can be a useful way to determine just how a new piece of software is changing your system. Our guide will show you how to get started with TinyWatcher.


How to use TinyWatcher

Downloading and installing TinyWatcher is quick and easy.

Once started, TinyWatcher will give you a warning.

(2) snapshot

Basically, for TinyWatcher to be the most effective, it needs to take a “snapshot” of your system.

Checking "Deep scan of files"

It can take a few minutes to do just that, but this snapshot will help TinyWatcher determine what changes are being made to your machine.

Warning from TinyWatcher

All of TinyWatcher’s features can be accessed from your Start Menu. Click “Start Menu” to find them.

Start Menu

Click “Options.”


This is where you can configure TinyWatcher. For the most part, keep these as is until you get the hang of how TinyWatcher functions.

Now, click “More Options” at the top of the Options menu.

More Options

Here you can work with directories, files, regional options and more. Again, another area to leave alone until you get the hang of TinyWatcher.

Head back to the Start Menu and click “Post Install Check.”

Post Install Check

This will immediately check for changes since the install snapshot of your system.

Most of the processes that will pop up are essential to system functionality, so leave them as is.

If you think something is amiss, click “Web search” to search for information correlating to what you think is wrong.

Web search

Once you have your information, this can determine whether or not you take action or allow the process and change to continue.

After doing some heavy-duty installing, uninstalling and changes on your system, you can head back to the Start Menu and click “Deep Scan.”

Checking "Deep scan of files"

TinyWatcher will then deep scan your system for changes and issues.

Anytime a program or process runs for the first time, TinyWatcher will warn you so you can choose whether it should be available or not.

TinyWatcher is a nifty little piece of software that can help you see exactly what changes are occurring on your system as they happen. While this information may not be necessary for everyone, it can beneficial for those trying to speed up and improve performance on their machine.

Pros of TinyWatcher:

  • Very easy to use and keep to use
  • Can notice subtle changes that will affect your computer

Cons of TinyWatcher:

  • May not offer enough support for users
  • Will not cure a system of the start, will take more work from users than TinyWatcher provides

Will TinyWatcher turn your computer back to a “clean machine?”

The truth of the matter is TinyWatcher is just one small tool in the effort for a computer user to improve performance. While TinyWatcher can let you know what changes can affect your computer unless you learn just how things such as installations, uninstalls, registry edits and more can cause issues on your system. If you are serious about recovering your system to its pre-bought condition, utilizing TinyWatcher, other software and knowledge can be the stepping stones to getting to a clean machine once more.

Download TinyWatcher.