Have you ever had a family member or friend accidentally delete, move or somehow mess up a document or folder? This can be frustrating and downright devastating depending on what was accidentally messed with. However, this can be prevented, literally. Prevent is a simple, freeware app that helps curtail unwanted computer users from causing any sort of trouble with files, folders and more. Prevent eliminates the ability for users to right click certain actions that lead to disaster.

How to use Prevent

You want to start out by downloading and installing Prevent on your computer.

Once you walk through the install steps, open it up to get started.

Prevent v 1.0

Prevent has a very easy to use user interface.

Under the Settings tab, you can choose what Prevent will stop on your system and then set a Hot Key for you to use to stop Prevent from running.

Hotkey saved!

If someone other than you is using your computer for any reason, utilizing both features is key to keeping files, folders and more safe.

Make sure that when you define your Hot Key, it is such a key that will not accidentally be accessed or guessed. Most users will not even realize Prevent is running when they use your computer.

Click “Terms.”


This simply lets you know that Prevent is not liable for anything happening on your system by using the program. It also lets you know not to modify, sell or do anything drastic with it.

Every time you use Prevent, you will configure it again for its one-time use. Simply set what features to utilize, re-set your hotkey and away you go.

An older instance

Prevent is easy to use, quick way to stop others on your computer from modifying, deleting or otherwise causing issues with you files and folders.

Pros of Prevent:

  • Simple UI makes it easy to set up for anyone
  • Can help stop users from accidentally moving, deleting or copying files and folders

Cons of Prevent:

  • Cannot recover any files that were accessed
  • Will not stop malicious users from finding a way to cause trouble on your computer

How useful is Prevent?

Prevent is such a simple solution to issues with file and folder movements than you could dream. While it may not prevent everything from being modified, it can offer you some level of protection instead of having to create a whole new Windows user or guest account on your system. You never know when you might have to let someone use your computer for something, this is a quick solution to ensure nothing is out of place when they get off it.  Let us know what you think of Prevent, and if you plan to use it if you find it effective or not.  While most users shy away from simple programs, we would really love to know how our readers have used Prevent.

Download Prevent.