There are a lot of ways a virus or spyware can seep its way into your computer. You could be browsing the Internet and go to the wrong web site or you can download a file you thought was one thing and it really is another. One of the least common ways for a computer to get infected is from an external device, such as a flash drive, external drive or other external media. NoAutorun helps prevent immediate infection upon inserting a USB or flash drive into your computer.

How to Use NoAutorun

No Autorun is easy to use once you download and install it.

Upon initial start up, you will be greeted by the software’s settings.


From here, you can change a handful of options of how it works, such as auto starting it, how it minimizes to tray and even lock certain files names that might be suspicious from the get go.

Under the Security header, you want to ensure that “Scan all disks at start” to prevent any USB drive from auto-running software that may harm your system. This means you can manually start up software or browse files at your leisure.

The main screen of No Autorun allows you to see what files, folders and executables have been locked as soon as you scan an external drive.


From there, you can choose to delete Autorun files that are causing issues or quarantine them. You can also unlock files No Autorun automatically locked on your behalf, because it thought it was a threat.

Click “About.”


Here you can find information on No Autorun, such as its web site, check for updates and even visit its Twitter.

No Autorun also allows you to utilize USB Disk Soft Write Protect.


This protects your drive from being auto-written if something is on your system to begin with and wants to use your flash drive to infect others. You can enable or disable this at any time by clicking “USB Disk Soft Write Protect” and clicking either Enable or Disable.

No Autorun is a low maintenance way to protect your flash drive from infecting your computer and reaching out to invade others.

Pros of No Autorun:

  • Very simple to use no matter computer skill level
  • Basic functions provide optimal protection

Cons of NoAutorun:

  • May not catch every threat on USB drive or loaded to drive
  • Infrequent updates may not keep you protected long-term

Is NoAutorun worth the trouble?

NoAutorun is a simple to use program that can help combat issues on flash drives and USB drives. While not all threats will be found, it can be one tool that helps stop flash drives from infecting your computer or other computers. It is easy to use, quick to find issues and can help protect your system in one way you may have never thought about before.

Download NoAutorun.