Are you looking for high quality free software to convert your files to or from PDF? You probably have to extract images from a PDF file, convert the entire PDF to text or word or convert images or text to PDF or even make batch conversions. This problem is faced by hundreds of people around the world daily. Understandably, purchasing a premium PDF converter may not fit into your budget right now or you probably aren’t decided on which premium PDF application to put your money on; and yet business has to continue.

Here, we shall explore the best PDF converters we have discovered to help you make a smart choice faster.

Best Free Tools for Converting PDFs

Some of these tools are downloadable while others can be used online. Just find one or two that suit your needs to a great extent from the PDF converters listed below.

Converting PDF to Word, Excel or Text

1. PDF Mate

PDF Mate Free PDF Converter lets you convert PDF to texts, EPUB eBooks, images, HTML, and SWF files. It also lets you edit PDF files.

PDF Mate

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2. Free PDF-to-Word

This is a standalone application, not requiring Adobe support to convert PDF files to word. It lets you preserve the original layout of your PDF file, convert encrypted files and more.

Free PDF to Word Converter

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3. PDF-to-Word Converter

PDF-to Word accurately converts your PDF documents to word. The desktop version comes with a free trial period, but you can use the online version for free.

PDF to Word Converter

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4. Nitro PDF Reader

This tool is used for converting PDF files to text. It provides some other options for tweaking your output. It also supports the conversion of PDF to Word and Excel.

Nitro Reader

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5. Free OCR Scanning Software

This is an Optical Character Recognition application that extracts texts from scanned PDFs. It can also copy images from scanned PDF files.

Free OCR Scanning Software

Editing, Splitting, Reordering and Merging PDF Files

1. PDFill PDF Tools

This app lets you split and reorder PDF pages, merge files, crop, rotate and even add headers and footers with page numbers. It also lets you convert PDFs to images, add watermarks and also encrypt outputs.

PDF Fill PDF Tools

Note that PDFill PDF Editor is not free, but their free PDFill PDF Tools can be run separately.

Try PDFill PDF Tools

2. PDFTK Builder

Like PDF Fill PDF Tools, this app enables you split, rotate, encrypts, merge and reorder pages. The difference is that you can more easily select the pages to be merged and merge them faster.

PDF TK Builder

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3. I Love PDF

This is a free web app for merging or splitting up to 10 PDF files at a time. You can merge 10 separate files of up to a maximum of 80mb in size and split PDF files into individual PDFs of not more than 10mb using the free version.

I Love PDF

This will help you solve most of your basic PDF merging and splitting needs.

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4. Oracle PDF Import Extension 

This is useful for editing small parts of a PDF text and images without distorting the layout. It also lets you create a hybrid PDF file with LibreOffice and OpenOffice Writer.

Oracle PDF Import Extension

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Converting Other Files to PDF

1. 7-PDF Maker

This is an impressive tool for converting almost any kind of file to PDF. These include images, texts, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, AutoCad, StarOffice, OpenOffice and LibreOffice. The application also preserves clickable hyperlinks and bookmarks in exported documents. If you are not German, you should read the English translation of the site at the right hand side of the site.

7-Web PDF

It is free for personal use, while organizations are required to pay for the app.

Try 7-PDF Maker

2. Web2PDF Converter

This is a simple and straightforward application for converting web pages to PDF. You simply need to enter the webpage URL and click convert. To convert a webpage and receive your output as email, simply send an email containing the webpage URL with the subject Convert to


Try Web2PDF Converter

3. i2PDF

i2PDF is particularly good for converting image files to PDF.The application does not require installation. You simply need to download, unzip and run the “executable” file.


Try i2PDF

Bookmarking, Digitally Signing, And More With Your PDF Files

1. PDF-XChange Viewer

The free version of this app can be used for making simple but important annotations on PDF e.g. highlighting, filling forms, stamping, underlining and crossing, renaming bookmarks etc.

PDF Xchange Viewer

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2. Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader is a fast, lightweight and secure program that lets you make annotations on PDF files and also fill forms. The app uses very little memory.

Foxit Reader

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3. PDF Escape 

This is a very useful online tool for adding texts, links and sticky notes to PDF files as well as creating and filling PDF forms and drawing some basic shapes in PDF files without leaving your browser.

PDF Escape

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4. DigiSigner

DigiSigner is useful for digitally signing PDF documents. It lets you create a digital signature, place it wherever you desire and protects the signature cryptographically. The online version of DigiSigner can be used free, but the downloadable version is premium.


Try DigiSigner

Still Not Satisfied? Here are More Tools

Here are some more tools to help you tweak other aspects of your PDF files like unlocking encrypted files, numbering pages, creating and editing bookmarks, shuffling pages and so on:


With the right combination of some of the tools above, you should be able to achieve anything with PDF files. So, you needn’t worry about not having a premium PDF software anymore. Though combining two or more software in order to achieve a singular purpose can be slightly tasking, it has to be done when necessary.

Are you working with any other PDF converters? Let us know about them in the comments section.

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