Internet Explorer 9 Logo - © TechNorms It seems Microsoft has taken the criticism about its flagship browser Internet Explorer, really seriously. We have seen what Microsoft can do when they really listen to user feedback and put their mind to something.

After the disappointing performance of Windows Vista – MS launched Windows 7 – which is an absolutely brilliant OS. It seems something similar is in works for Internet Explorer with its new version IE9.

With the release of Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 4, things are starting to look good for the next IE version. It seems Microsoft has taken a clue from other browsers like Firefox and Chrome and its making IE undergo every single test that these browsers have aced – and trying to make sure IE9 performs just as good or even better than the other browsers. We have already seen Internet Explorer is the Safest Browser and now they aim to be the fastest.

Various Performance Tests and Their Results for IE 9:

In a recent blog post, Dean Hachamovitch -General Manager, Internet Explorer said –

“The performance benefits of hardware acceleration are clear from running different sample sites side by side in IE9 and other browsers. Browsers that implement partial hardware acceleration – for example, text-only, or video playback only, or image-only acceleration – offer inconsistent and possibly unpredictable platform experiences to developers and end-users.”

“IE9 offers consistent, fully hardware-accelerated text, graphics, and media, both audio and video. Try Hamster Dance Revolution, IE Beatz, or MSNBC Video in different browsers to experience the difference. Psychedelic Browsing demonstrates what HTML5 canvas can do when it’s fully accelerated with the GPU,” he added.

IE 9 platform preview has shown remarkable improvements in the Sunspider JavaScript Benchmark tests:


Cross Browser Test Results Summary for elements like HTML 5, CSS 3 JS and SVG:


What is remarkable is the improvements we see. IE8 lagged behind in all aspects and its performance on each aspect was quite terrible really. IE 9 has shown remarkable improvements across all the elements that matter.

Near Perfect Result in Acid3 Test:

Some people use a particular test or website as shorthand for standards compliance. Different sites test different subsets of different standards to different depths.

Acid3 is one that some people in the community have cited. It tests about 100 fragments of a dozen different technologies. Here’s a screenshot of how today’s IE9 Platform Preview runs today’s Acid3 test, going from 83 in the previous platform preview to 95:


With a score of 95 IE9 has made a huge progress as compared to its previous version IE8. This is an excellent improvement. We just hope to see a similar performance in the final version too.

IE 9 Team Working With Hardware manufacturers for Better Performance:

Matt Kimball, a Product Marketing Manager at AMD said-

“Here at AMD we continue to collaborate closely with Microsoft to ensure that IE9 can take full advantage of AMD’s CPU and GPU hardware technologies to deliver outstanding hardware-accelerated performance. Check out here and here for more info on how precisely AMD and Microsoft work together to enable a richer Internet experience.”

Seems like Microsoft is leaving no stone unturned to make sure they can squeeze out maximum performance from computer processors.

IE 9 Beta and Expectations:

IE9 beta would be released, possibly next month and we are eager to try it out. We have seen the platform preview and the performance is impressive – however, what I am looking forward to – is a huge User-Interface improvement over previous versions.

Other thing that has been missing in Internet Explorer is the ability to add extensions. Microsoft should allow developers to build add-ons like Firefox and Chrome do – which would really give it an edge which it requires, to stay dominant in the browser market.

Have you tried out the IE9 Platform Preview yet? You can download it as well as see detailed tests and demo results here.

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