Scheduled Shutdown - © TechNorms There are times when one needs to schedule a shutdown of the computer after a predefined interval of time. Maybe you are running a virus scan or downloading something from the internet. Although some programs have an options for auto-shutdown after performing their tasks, many others don’t.

Scheduled Shutdown is very simple Java application that lets us shutdown our computer after a specified interval of time. With Scheduled Shutdown – we can shutdown our computer from a period of 1 minute to – 12 hours.

Shutdown Your PC After Pre-Defined Interval:

Scheduled Shutdown is a small (~1 Mb) freeware software. Once you install it you can access it via the start menu. The program has just a single window where you can set the shutdown interval.

Set The Schedule - © TechNorms

When you set the interval you would get a notice about the shutdown interval in system tray.

Shutdown Notice - © TechNorms

Once you have set the shutdown the “Cancel” button is highlighted – You can click on it to cancel the shutdown timer.

Shutdown Scheduled after 3 hours - © TechNorms

If you cancel the shutdown schedule – you would be notified in the system tray.

Shutdown Cancelled - © TechNorms

As we can see above – Scheduled Shutdown is a very easy to use app and quite useful when you need a small program that would shut down or restart the computer after pre-defined interval.

Scheduled Shutdown features:

  • It’s an Open Source Freeware.
  • Its small and takes up minimum PC resources.
  • Provides Shutdown Intervals from 1 min up to 12 hours.
  • Provides notifications when the scheduler stars or stops.

Download Scheduled Shutdown from SourceForge