Since the introduction of Google Drive, numerous features Google has yet to touch on have been created through the use of software and extensions. DocuSign, a popular electronic signature online service, now works with Google Drive. This allows you to sign documents, have others sign them and do it all through Google Drive similar to how you share documents that need signatures through Adobe products. If you are looking for ways to get more out of Google Drive and what it can do, our guide to the DocuSign extension will show you just what it can do.

How to Use DocuSign

After visiting DocuSign’s extension page on the Chrome Web Store, you can read up a little bit more on the extension.


When ready, click “Add to Chrome.”


You will be prompted to confirm the installation, so click “Add” to continue.


It will take a few seconds for DocuSign to be installed, when it is, you will see an icon added to your speed dial tab on Chrome.


You can access DocuSign from there or you can login to Google Drive to do so. When you click on the icon on the browser tab speed dial, DocuSign will ask for your permission to use some of your Google Apps data.


Click “Allow Access” if you agree to what it can access.


DocuSign will then thank you for opting to use their service.


It will also prompt you to try Google Drive along with DocuSign’s standalone service.


DocuSign will then be completely integrated with Google Chrome.

Now, head to Google Drive.


If you click on “Create,” you will now notice under the “More” link that you can visit DocuSign.

Click “DocuSign.”


It will take a few moments to head to the DocuSign web site which will open in a new tab.


You will be welcomed to their site.

You then must create an account with them. Select a first name, last name and e-mail address you want associated with your DocuSign account.


Then, click “Create Account.”

Immediately, a new e-mail document will open that allows you to be set up through DocuSign.


At the top, you will see a menu for DocuSign.


Click “Home.”

On the left hand side of your browser, you will see an area for you to either upload a document from your computer or find an online document, click “Choose an Online Document.”


Then, click “Done.”

A new menu will pop open allowing you to choose where this online document is stored, click “Google docs” and then “Add.”

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Google Docs, along with several other Google Apps, will ask your permission to give DocuSign access to their contents.


Click “Grant access” to move forward.


DocuSign will then let you know that Google Drive is now accessible from DocuSign.

Now, when navigating to the Google docs folder on DocuSign, you will see a Documents folder available to you.


From there, you can select a document to be signed through DocuSign.


Simply click a document to begin loading it.


It will take a few moments to upload the document and open it up through DocuSign.


You will see it appear in the right hand window of DocuSign and clicking on it will open it in the window for you to edit, add signature requests and more.


In the left window pane, you will now see a variety of options to add to the document, including signature.

All you have to do is drag and drop the Signature format into the document where you want a signature to be placed. This applies to any of the options you want to add through DocuSign into your document.

Once you add the signature panel, you can save and send the document to its recipients. Once received, they will be prompted to sign the document and you will receive it back through DocuSign. You can then use the document in its signed format for records, print outs or other uses as you need them.

DocuSign is another way to add more functionality to your online documents when you need it the most. If you are looking for a way to add signatures and request signatures on your documents, give DocuSign a try.

What Benefits do You Get From Using Google Drive and DocuSign?

The DocuSign extension for Chrome and Google Drive allows you to sign and have others sign documents shared through the service. This gives you another option for documents that need a signature than signing up for a service, faxing or printing hard copies or just trying to find a way to get everyone in the same room together. By utilizing the DocuSign extension for Google Drive, you can get even more out of those documents that need a signature.

Get DocuSign for Google Chrome.