Google+ recently introduced Events to its social network. Similar to Facebook events, you can now invite the public, Circles and individuals to events through the Google+ network. If you have not already noticed, you can access Events from its own sub-header underneath your far right column on Google+.

These Events can be created by anybody, and even Pages, so you can get together with family, friends coworkers and even strangers for any number of events.

How to get started with Google+ Events

In order to get started with Google+ Events, click the icon under the sub-header Events in the right hand corner of Google+.


This will open a pop-up for you to create your event.


You can name your event, set a date and time, choose a location, add details and then add names, Circles or the public to your event.

If you click “Event options,” you can see some more options for your Google+ Event.


This includes allowing other guests to invite family, friends and others as well as let them add photos both before the event and after.

If you click “Advanced,” you can also choose a Google+ Hangout for the event which will turn the event into a Hangout as opposed to a real world event.


If you turn the event into an On Air one, the public can view the event, +1 photos but only invited guests can actually reply, comment and add photos.


If you click “Show additional fields,” this will allow you to add a web site, add a ticket purchase website, YouTube video or transit/parking information for the event as well.


You can also choose a theme by clicking the “Change theme” button over the picture for the event.


This will allow you to select the type of event and banner to go with it when inviting guests and visiting the event page.

Click the icon for adding people to the event.


This will open the Browse people menu where you will be able to add people, Circle and add others through Gmail.


When you are finished adding people, you can click “Done” to start inviting them once the event is posted.

After the event is posted, you will first be given all the details for you to check out. You can also select if you will be going to the event.


On the event page, you can comment, see directions to where the event is held as well as other pertinent information on the event.

On the right, you will see an area to invite more people as well as the RSVPs of those attending the event.


At the top of the event page, you will see a toolbar for interacting with the event.


Click “Add photos.”


From here, you can add photos to the event as the creator or the invited guests. Simply click “Done” when you are finished adding photos.


Now, from the toolbar for the event, click “Share event.”


A pop-up will appear allowing you to share the event with your circles and others. This allows guests to share the event more than it allows the creator to do so.

Again, from the toolbar, click “Actions.”


A drop-down menu will appear allowing you to change whether guests can invite or add photos as well as manage your guest list, disable comments for the event, edit the event and even delete the event for whatever reason.

Finally, in the toolbar, click the “Gear Icon.”


This will give you access to the settings for Google+, as well as help, feedback and take a tour of Google+ Events.


If you visit your timeline on Google+, you will now see the event having been shared there. Those you shared the event with will also see it on their timeline as well as being alerted to the event invite through Google+ notifications, e-mail and on mobile devices. They can then choose whether they can attend or not to let you know through the Google+ event page.

If you choose to delete the event, you can do so without warning the invited guests by clicking the “Actions” icon in the toolbar then “Delete event.”


A pop-up will appear asking you if you are sure about deleting the event, click “Delete event” to confirm it.


A small yellow notification will appear in your timeline as well as the top of Google+.

Google+ Events are a great way to invite family, friends and the public to join you in various events. Birthdays, anniversaries, work meetings and even Hangouts can be scheduled through Google+ Events to help you manage a variety of occasions in your life.

How does Google+ Events compare to Facebook events?

Google+ Events appears to be a much sleeker version of Facebook events. Google+ does not add any additional features, other than making an event a Hangout, that Facebook does not already offer. Google+ just makes events look a little bit better than the default Facebook interface.

If you are using Google+ as your primary social network, taking advantage of what Google+ Events has to offer is key when planning any sort of social get together. Google+ Events can also be a great way to plan Hangouts, utilizing the video chat feature to have a get together when you cannot get together with people in person.