Google Translate is a powerful tool for those looking to convert websites or conversations to their native language. Google Translate for Android helps users translate on the go. This allows users to chat with those who may not speak their language and this can be particularly handy when out and about. Perhaps, you need directions or you have a question in a foreign land. Maybe you are trying to help someone near your home but cannot speak their language. Google Translate on your Android can help combat both issues.

How to use Google Translate

You can download Google Translate from the Google Play Store on your Android or through the website when your computer is hooked up to your phone. Once downloaded and installed, open Google Translate to get started.

When you first open Google Translate, you will immediately begin to start translating languages.


However, before you begin, let us tinker with the settings. Click your Options button on your Android. A small pop-up will appear giving you access to a variety of options for Google Translate. Click “Settings” first.

This will open the settings for Google Translate. Google Translate has few settings but two of them are important.

The first lets you utilize network text-to-speech. This allows you to utilize your data network which uses more data than normal functions on your phone. If you have a high-quality data network and have paid for usage, this can be beneficial if you are using Google Translate often. Otherwise, turn this option off to save data bandwidth.

Conversation mode allows you to talk into your phone in one language and have it translated to another person in their language and vice versa. This option lets you choose whether or not you confirm the translation before it. This can be helpful if on your end you say something the wrong way.

Now, head back to the main screen for Google Translate.


Click “Accept” after reading through what Google Translate can do for you. This will open up the default English to Spanish translation service. In order to get started, simply type or speak a message and click the “Right Arrow” to translate it into Spanish.

This will translate the English word into Spanish. It will also let you hear both versions aloud for you to practice or say yourself. It will also give you synonyms and other ways to say the word in the translated language.


You can also opt to actually write out what you want to say if you use a stylus on something such as an iPad. You can then write out what you want to say, your phone through Google Translate will decipher it and then translate it into the language you have chosen.


You can use your phone’s microphone to speak a sentence into it, then translate it into the other language for someone to listen to. This is most useful in conversation mode. Simply click the language you wish to begin speaking in at the bottom.


This will translate what you say into a text box for you to confirm, when you are sure it captured the audio properly, click the “Right arrow” to translate it into another language.

In conversation mode, which is the coolest feature of Google Translate, you can have a back and forth conversation with someone whose language you do not speak.


Simply choose your language from the 60+ languages Google Translate offers, then choose the other person’s language. From there, you can start the conversation by speaking into your phone’s microphone. Google Translate will then translate your words into the other language so the person can hear, then they can speak back in their language with Google Translate already sets up for you to hear in your language.

You can then go back and forth for as long as you need to carry on to speak to one another. While Google Translate may not be 100% foolproof with translation, it can be an easy way to try and keep up with one another when you are not on the same language level.

How Effective is Google Translate for Keeping in Touch With Those Who Speak Another Language From You?

Google Translate by itself is one of the most powerful, free translation services on the Internet. Google has done an amazing job investing in creating a translator that takes into account how humans actually speak instead of a computer just analyzing how it thinks people should speak. Google Translate on the Android, especially in conversation mode, can be an effective way to hold even the quickest conversations when the language barrier gets in the way.


Download Google Translate.